Add IPv6 support


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  • advaith

    Here is Discord's statement from their December 2022 developer event:

    ipv6 status: we want to support this but it requires many complex changes to how we handle routing within our internal network. we are not actively working on these changes but combined with other projects and future work we want to do, it is likely we will support ipv6 at some point in the future.

  • givetordlove

    Not much of a commitment in that statement. I realize that the Discord backend comes with a level of complexity, but I find it hard to believe that routing should be one of them. Without knowing much about the Discord internals, it is hard to say more.. But if they rely on FQDNs and not IP addresses, adding IPv6 in a dual-stack environment would at least be a start. They might be using IP Anycast, but that should also work fine with IPv6. I am sure if they really wanted to, they'd be able to sort this out.

  • Null


    They use i3D as supplier for the low-latency voice servers but that doesn't take away the fact that they do in fact use cloudflare as reverse proxy. Even for VC.

    When you connect to a voice server, you connect to '' for instance. Proxied by CF. (IPv6 appears not to be disabled!)
    However when you dig a little deeper, CF proxies it to the following domain ''. Not proxied by CF. IPv6 disabled.

    Screenshot for further clarification:

  • 7odaifa_ab

    in my region, we are maxed out of IPv4 since 2019, being behind a CG-NAT is really causing lots of issues to discord, I can only play with my friends with a VPN and it affects on latency, and other millions of users like I have the same issue, what I don't get is why discord not addressing this issue!

  • nivex

    My support ticket for voice calls failing from an IPv6 (NAT64) network will have been open for one year as of tomorrow. As near as I can tell, I am the only one who has filed such a ticket. As such they don't appear to be dedicating any engineering resources to fixing the issue. If anyone else here can reproduce the issue and open a ticket, that would probably raise the importance more than posting here.

    Put another way: This forum seems to be for us talking to each other. Discord doesn't seem to be reading it.

  • Eliah

    Yeah, my isp give us shared IPv4's and fully public IPv6 (DS-Lite) and discord lags a lot by being v4 only and if i turn v4 of my my router be sure everything will work except for Discord, and idk if they actually read this forum tbh like someone upside said at this point we're just talking one an other and discord not doing anything to fix this problem that will cost them money in the future

  • Tech

    Same here, Discord is super laggy often due to DS-Lite, and at other times I'm on a V6 only network (mobile data) I can't even use it. Also the reason for me not to get Nitro since it is barely usable

  • Brendan K.

    Discord, you should make this more of a priority. I understand that this will take some work, but you will need to do it eventually. Yall shouldn't wait until the last minute to implement something like this, you are already stopping potential customers from joining your platform due to some ISPs being IPv6 only. I think it is time to get IPv6 ready.


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