Push to Talk


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  • milika

    On iphone x, its so small we keep pushing menu line half of the time
    Bigger button please!!!!

  • boss
    Yes please
  • Mikesaus

    On an iPad with attached keyboard I was flummoxed trying to find the setting to assign a push to talk button. Thank you for this suggestion, because I didn’t know there was a button in-app. I really hate when there is inconsistent behavior for the same program on different platforms.

  • mathwise

    I downloaded the desktop app on my iMac. I went to Voice settings. When I select 'Push To Talk', I want to assign a key from my keyboard but it is not clear how to do this. I do realize I can mute my microphone and un-mute it when I want to talk.

    Would appreciate help from the Discord support team.



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