Option for Discord to start minimized on Linux


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  • Khasm

    Starting in the foreground is what made me disable autostart for Discord.  Steam, Skype, Telegram, Signal and other messengers start directly to the tray fine - so I tend to use them instead.

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  • blitzcrankBot

    This is actually implemented already. You can use the command line argument --start-minimized

    I agree with you however, this needs to be an option on the discord UI.

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  • chexmo

    I can confirm it works, but IMHO there should be a silent init too.... AFAIK there is no, just only --start-minimized


    With 'silent mode' i meant that the main window shows for a few seconds in my desktop. They could add a silent start, like Windows' one.

    In addition, a GUI button or check that activates de minimized start would be great.

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