/remind function to set and get reminders of topics set


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  • DieNand

    There are bots that you can invite to your server that can do reminders. https://reminder-bot.com/help/?lang=EN

    I still find that Slack's built in reminder is much more natural though. Anyway, I doubt this will become a built in feature for Discord.

    Another feature I would kind of like is a way to send direct messages to yourself, but I've kinda worked around the issue by just creating a server with only myself in it.

  • Cristhian Reinoso

    I don't know if this answer is still useful, but still, I encountered myself with this same problem, after looking for a while I found two bots that could resolve this issue (bot with free and premium options), I'm a developer so I thought I could just use the Google Calendar API and create my own bot, with my needs, then I realize this tool I've been using for a while at work, it's Zapier https://zapier.com/ . It's a free tool that you can connect with a lot of services around the web, pretty easy to use, you can do what you need right here, so you don't need to buy a Bot, or use some unknown bot to get this done, just use Zapier, and see the how the magic happens

  • tjwood

    It would be nice to have this just built in like on Slack.

  • Jordi

    I do think as well this is basic functionality... remind me about this message in 2 days for example... I hope the developers are listening because these small tools make a world of a difference.

  • finx

    Totally agree. It's hard for me to migrate from Slack to Discord because of this missing functionality 

  • MichaelAF6FB

    Having reminders that go off a certain times isn't that important to me, and I see there are bots for this.

    What I would really like is a way to reactivate a message at a later time/date. For example, I receive a message as I'm leaving work. I want to address it when I get home. In slack I can ask it to remind me about this message in an hour. I'll get a fresh notification about the message.

    This functionality is what allows me to stay on top of my tasks.

  • diegosb

    Same for me, absolutely must for me to have reminders of messages. Two scenarios (at least):

    - Someone sends a message that I want to check later on because I don't have time now. I click on the message and set a reminder to remind me in x hours or x days of this message.

    - I sent a message because I need someone to take an action on something. I click on that message I sent and set a reminder so tomorrow I remember to insist in that person or whatever.

    I do this all the time in Slack.

  • teknit

    Def agree on this.. esp if we keep pushing for Discord to be the Slack/Teams replacement -- sure bots are capable, but come on.. shouldn't require a bot for a reminder.. and on that note, should have a screen/calendar/whatever to display reminder's by due date and/or the full list of reminder's visible in one view, but sorted by due date/etc

  • John Vines

    There's nothing natural about using bots for reminders. You have to use cryptic commands, they only work within servers and not dms, it's a Band-Aid for a more fundamental shortcoming. Having the ability to natively interact, graphically, with a message to set a reminder via right click or wrong press is infinitely more accessible and  usable than / commands that are only available in a subset of environments. This miss has been a serious bane to my existence as my social groups have moved to discord because this causes things to get lost since the friction is too high to engage with for all relevant scenarios. I would like to use discord more but this is a major hindrance 

  • SunSparc

    I was about to create a similar feature request. +1 from me.

    Duplicate topics:
    - https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360051929114-I-d-love-to-see-a-Remind-me-later-button

  • Supaer

    Second this request. 

    I've pushed for us to use Discord instead of Slack as our business communications app, and am really missing this functionality. 

    I'd like the ability to do /remind me in 3 hours “Do the thing”, /remind me tomorrow at 15:00 “Do the thing'”, /remind me on 15.02.2024 at 15:00 “Do the thing”, as well as /remind @username tomorrow at 15:00 “Do the thing” functionality. It's pretty important in a business/organization context, especially being able to remind others of stuff you've taked about. If a reminder pings someone else, it should say something like Reminder from @Supaer: ”Do the thing".


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