Nitro Boosting


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  • 🅶🅻 | Papa hejazy1

    I agree

  • Scorpio

    Maybe it should be a system like the longer you pay for nitro you gain levels and unlock additional boosts.

  • JusstG Thats Me!

    Yeah cause I paid $100 with the intent of boosting a couple servers over time and adding levels to one in particular. Now I see it was a waste of money. Most people will not pay to have the minimal perks you guys offer for a free to use platform. I'm a highly dissapointed consumer and feel like I was misslead by the initial ad on what I was purchasing.

  • Virus

    I've been a Nitro user for 2years and everytime there's a new update i get dissapointed (besides folder update), They do everything for a huge cashgrab now and it triggers me.. Sooner or later they will lock away nitro features for a bigger tier, im already at the point where i will stop paying for Nitro due to their greed! I used to love discord. but it all has becomed a huge cashgrab company like every other and stopped caring about their customers. That is where i draw the line. Like gamedevs, ive stopped to buy games from companies like this. EA, ubisoft etc.. Discord is doing the samething by locking away features for nitro users on higher tiers. I am sick of this.. If they dont change their turns very soon will this will be my last year as a nitro user sadly.

  • Bl4ckSh33p

    Boosting for the small nitro would be nice. I dont play on pc so I dont need the games and 100€/year just for a boost is quite expensive. :(

  • Atla

    Was talking to folks on one of the discords I follow and we were talking about this same topic.  Would be nice to have the ability to boost more than one server, esp for $99 a year.  But even if additional boosts were available for a dollar or two more a year as an option, I wouldn't mind too much.

  • Yikes

    I would LOVE to support more than one server by boosting them, kind of like a Twitch sub.


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