Have blocked messages, instead of displaying a large, intriguing "n blocked message(s)" become a small pin


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  • TheDevFreak
    I like this suggestion, however maybe the small pin should be an option so either nothing or the little pin?
  • k0jik

    I also like this suggestion. Perhaps instead have a horizontal line with a pin on one side so if you wish to reveal the message, you have the choice to. I love the communities I'm in but there's a handful of bad eggs that just haven't matured enough yet, and the server owners and moderators don't mind it. So it's beyond my control but I'm forced to see these big blocked messages boxes all day.

  • Grrizz

    This is one of the main complaints I've seen for a long, long time, when the "blocked message" message is as big as a typical blocked message it half defeats the point.

    IMO the chat should look as if the message wasn't there at all other than a small mark off to one side to indicate that you might be missing out on half of a conversation.

    Most of the time I use it to block legit bots that some proud mod has spent half an hour figuring out how to implement that auto responds with gifs, videos or one liners that for me personally amounts to spam and wasted chat space.


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