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  • lonedestroyer

    These seem obnoxious. For starters the nitro boost icon is way too big and I wouldn't want extra clutter to the UI. This is similar to how they added the gift nitro to the chat to encourage people to buy nitro, almost everyone complained. The top link is not a nitro related request so wrong category. But you'd already be in the server so why have an add and a lot of people don't plan to leave servers most of mine I've been in for years so the x would be obnoxious. The current way to leave is perfect.

  • Rexowogamer

    If hitting X means you leave the server, that's pretty confusing behaviour (most users would expect it to just close the dialog) + we already have prominent invite/boost buttons (especially on mobile) so there's little to no need for this

  • Dudeactual Pro

    Hitting X Wont Leave The Server, If you go to the link, Hitting the X will leave the Server Boost Area, Same With Invite.


  • Dudeactual Pro

    And What if there is a new user, having no idea Where to go to do this stuff, this is just Easier Accessibility.


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