Classic Nitro???


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  • Chop

    My Nitro+ Subscription just ended and i can't see classic Nitro.

  • BurningIce

    I cant see Nitro Classic too. I connected some guy and he said he sent a email to discord support and they said it would be some type of "glitch" or something when they updated the Nitro Classic and it would cause problems. I have no idea if thats true or not.

  • StevenYTuber5

    Previously, had you purchased the Discord membership?

  • ! Joseph

    My nitro just ended and I can't find nitro classic. What do I do?

  • cj_beans

    Discord are doing some experiments with the interface, making the Nitro Classic option disappear. While this is happening, you can still use the mobile app to purchase it as a workaround, and then you can renew your subscription from your PC once bought.


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