Let users view our Discord Stream without having to join the channel


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  • Atlas
    I agree the same. Instead of participating in audio channels, a button called "Live Broadcasts currently available" can be added anywhere on the screen.
  • Lynx ស៊ុនវៃ

    **** Well done Discord!!! Appreciate the effort put into the work for the staff and programmers. ****

    -- Great Streaming quality, audio and fast although its BETA but its a good progress done. --


    Feedback would be improve or taken into consideration are having option to stream background audio, like with the current BETA streaming the game the audio is awesome, but streaming chrome no audio can be done maybe this could be improved, but still job well done discord team.

  • Sharp

    This would be great for me and my friends who are on different discords. I love the Stream Now feature but I don't like how it forces viewers into the channel. There are privacy concerns, but making it just a little looser with a few criteria would make it better:

    1. Grant an option that allows users to view the stream without joining the channel *ONLY* if they already have access to the channel.

    2. Grant an option to allow a user to request an Instant Invite link from the streamer if they have permission to grant one. This ability can be handled by the server admin and should be defaulted as "off" if such a feature was introduced.

    3. Allow the streaming host to host an ad hoc party for streaming, functioning like how private message parties do now.

  • Raithe

    Yup. I have tried to watch 2 streams. Each time it connected me to a voice channel. I instantly disconnected and will not be trying that again.

  • henry

    Definitely. I'm a part of a lot of guilds, and it would be cool to chat with my friends in one guild while having the stream of another guild up.


  • itsAglaja

    Sooo... is this ever gonna be a thing? I like streaming to discord, and I got a lot of messages from people who would like to watch the stream, but don't like the idea of being forced into joining the voice channel. Being forced to join the channel just discourages people and in the end nobody is watching the stream except ppl who are actually playing. And muting mic is not the way to go, because other ppl are always trying to get that one muted person to talk to them.

  • amd_64

    Bump? If that's a thing here?

  • amd_64

    This could be a spicy nitro feature 👀👀

  • Roog

    yeah i'd like this feature

  • IrvNation

    This needs to be a thing immediately 

  • ZX81v2

    Totally agree with this thread, As long as a user is not banned then I see no reason why you could not implement this idea...
    For example
    Person "A"  wants to view in room Discord "B" don't like a person in Room "B" so won't join that channel
    So misses out on all the live feeds.

    This is just an example, but this sort of thing does happen...

    This thread is over a year old now. you folks must have read it by now..

  • Nephilim_Familiar

    We still need this Discord!


  • gunther09 Nürnberg

    We often talk about the games we are watching.
    That is fun for those watching. But it can be extremely painful for those who stream, as they try to concentrate or talk to their mates.

    • There is audio to share for those who play
    • There is audio for those who watch

    If that was an option, not to mix those groups, that would be awesome!

  • Sangito Deva

    we need this very much

  • bluekrazer


  • iceman_emcee


    This would be such a great QOL improvement. Even if you had to be granted permissions at a server instance level for such, I likewise had friends that wanted to watch a stream but did not want to be in the voice chat. Discord could be the fantastic "private streaming" option that we would all enjoy.

  • Levil

    Please implement this feature


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