Customizable DM filter


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  • personss
    I am a little bit confused by what you mean by that can you please elaborate
  • Apart

    (Person) Sorry it’s been a month, I’m not on the discord support page much. Anyway, if you are still curious it would be similar to Reddit’s automod rules, so in your settings under Privacy there would be a DM Rules box where you can type DM rules like:

    If message contains “r” delete message
    ^ when someone DMs you the message is scanned, if it contains what is in the quotes (r) it will do the action after (delete the message)


    automatic ones (presets) created by discord could also exist. Such as Racism  which blocks racist words in your DMs you set it up with 


    If message includes “{@Racism}” delete message 

    ^ the {} will mean it will identify it as a preset, the @will signal the name so it identifies it as the Racism preset and if someone is racist in your DMs (something in the filter they make) it will do the action (delete message)


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