Go Live (webcam / capture card) support for overlay


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  • Expert Walle


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  • nimh

    Yes please add this!

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  • Bricklou

    This could be very interesting in a period like this where student are not able to go school because of COVID-19. It can help professors to teach with a webcam at distance.

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  • arcanius

    It will be really useful for our University because we started to use Discord in our department for lectures and practical tasks demonstration. So far, everyone is forced to use additional third-party Camera capture programs.

    Such built-in functionality eliminates many problems.

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  • bugaev

    we need it for our students too!

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  • Lord Smallwood

    How did I miss that this wasn't possible when our department settled on Discord because the students were more familiar with it.  I need to share a screen AND be able to switch to my camera in a lecture.  Apparently these two features are completely separate? 

    In all of the articles I've been finding, when you are in a video call there is a button to switch between vid call and screen.  Just turn that button on for screen sharing so it can switch to vid call!


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