Light theme plus feedback


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  • Duth Olec

    I don't want to actually downvote this because if some people like the new light theme then they should have that option, but I still hate this more than any theme change anywhere I've ever seen.

    For my part I think trying to increase the contrast by focusing on the text to background actually makes text harder to read because it's more jarring to the eyes. I actually think it should be balanced, not so pale that it's hard to read but not so thick and dark that your eyes start to cross looking at it.

    I'd rather have contrast in terms of making different sections of the window clear. It wouldn't be nearly as bad if there were, say, actual borders between the parts. But nobody uses borders anymore for some reason it's all gotta bleed together to make it as confusing as possible

    i should probably discuss those ideas somewhere more visible but ehhh this is probably good enough

  • SAMI

    Oh, I didn't realize I've been downvoted to hell.


    Idk why people are hating this idea? The white background is too bright. It should have been light grey at least.

    Well, if everyone wants it to be absolute white, it can't be helped I guess.

  • Hans

    It looks really bad, and the contrast is terrible. The sidebar should either be transparent of dark.

  • Silv

    It is *very* Hard to tell what rooms have unread messages, and the lessened contrast makes it hard to focus for long periods of time. I'm glad if there are a few people who do like the new mode, I wish they could just add a third option and be done with it. 

    Pure darkness, Pure light, and 'with some shadows' classic mode. I used light for accessibility since dark for too long just strained my eyes and I actually use discord extremely often.

    They claimed that they wanted to raise the light users beyond 1% but with the way everyone who did use the theme seems to be feeling about it, they're going to dip down to zero. 

    Hopefully they at least take this into consideration since the old version was perfectly fine.


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