Adding A Pigeon Emoji


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  • Home Slice

    Yeah discord we need a pigeon emoji pls.


  • Vispera

    I vote it, pigeon emoji come thru

  • jayrawlo

    Add it please

  • Bea!

    All for it, but Emoji are not easy to just add. It wouldn't make sense for only Twitter (Discord's emoji are from Twitter's Twemoji) to have it, so first it'd have to go to all the other companies, unicode and the original Emoji. The best thing right now is to probably wait for the next announcement of new emojis to promote the idea, and it's gonna be a little while since a new pack just got released with a whole bunch of stuff like teapots and trans flags, plus I'm pretty sure the new batch for 2021 is completely approved and locked right now. Who knows, maybe it already has a pigeon emoji waiting for us.

  • Callum

    Broki i emailed them and they told me to post it on here 

  • emirr

    Peepeepoopoo chirp chirp uwu

  • LimeGreen

    Hello pigeon


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