Noise suppression recently started to suppress normal voice.


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  • Craker06

    i have the same problem too and i dont know the solve to it


  • snas

    I'm dealing with the same problem myself. The feature was fine when it was in beta, but as soon it was out of beta I started experiencing the same thing you described. Disabling noise suppression is the only thing I could do to solve it. However, I'm currently experiencing a separate issue where people could hear a buzzing in the background whenever my mic is unmuted. I was really hoping noise suppression would be the solution for that problem :/

  • Fillix

    yep! Same issue here!
    I absolutely hate it when people can hear my keyboard clicks or my breathing and noise suppression beta when it came out was an absolute godsend!
    Since the latest updates, the noise supporession option makes my voice cutout and people are sometimes just unable to hear me. I have had to disable it, but in return now everyone can hear all my noises again. 

    Please fix this discord!

  • Burteman

    Same issue here, was fine in beta but now it only works for a couple of minutes and then it starts cutting my voice making it impossible to use.

    Headsett: Astro A50 USB


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