Text Markdown Support for Maths


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  • osterhoutan

    Yes this would be great!

      And it could be done easily using the existing markdown syntax system discord has via mathjax, katex, or even github's math rendering system, all of which use simplified varieties of LaTeX's/TeX's math notation syntax.
      Where you would just surround your math syntax (written in the supported subset/variety of LaTeX/TeX of whatever tool is chosen) between `$`'s (or for international purposes any other currency symbol that is on the keyboard if `$` is not)  would output inline rendered math.    Though I am not sure if they would be as open to supporting the usual double `$` syntax for display style math which would need to be rendered centered on a new line.

    Side notes and known caveats w/ each:

    GitHub's math rendering system,

    only outputs images rather than mathml, html, or (best option for accessibility) mathml & html, like the other two options, preventing easy copying and limiting reasonable support given discords current multimedia.  As it just inputs the info from the parameter in the requesting URL into a template of the LaTeX standalone class and outputs to png.


     For overall support, ease of use, customizability (for compatibility and use), would be a great pick but unfortunately it is the slowest of all the options. 
      It also allows limited macro definitions in both LaTeX and TeX styles, which are usually global to the instance of the MathJax system being used, so you would either need to sanities the input for non math mode things, or be careful in how you set things up.  It would likely not be difficult to make these customizations server and/or channel specific so that admins can set up custom macros.


      Not as customizable as MathJax, but it is noticeably lighter weight, and simpler to implement (though more restrictive and manual of a process).
      However, it currently has some significant rendering and consistency errors/bugs.  Between modifying the syntax, names, and functionality of std LaTeX lib items, as well as some commonly used packages, as well as, having (currently as of 2021/04/06) issues with sizing and rendering of sub scripts and superscripts, and many other things that resize and move elements around.  It can be said that the package is just not as mature as the other two.


    Anyway, I really hope to see this implemented one day, as using things like the math bot are just not as good of solutions, for discussion, as implementing some system like the ones mentioned above that are commonly used for rendering math from markdown syntax (even json segmented markdown like discord has, see ipnb files for the jupyter systems).


  • masaru

    I agree with you a hundred percent.
    I've joined a system developer-hosted group, and math equations are a strong desire of the members.

  • LongingRhombus9

    Thanks for the info! Awesome to hear there's functionality of it outside of let's say, MS Word's equation builder haha. Would be awesome to see this implemented!

  • Elvira

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  • harrybranum

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  • sunflower

    Adding support for formatting equations in Discord would make understanding them much easier, similar to having a built-in calculator. You can check out this calculadoraalicia.mx for inspiration on user-friendly math formatting. 

  • Calculadora Alicia

    Adding support for formatting equations in Discord would make understanding them much easier, similar to having a built-in calculator. You can check out this calculadoraalicia.com.es for inspiration on user-friendly math formatting.


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