Folders for 'Favorite' Gifs


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  • Sushi_destroyer7

    I beg you Wumpus! Dew it! Pleawsee UWU

  • Rusky Diamond

    Need this, please! My favorites get far too crowded. 

  • korodashie

    Add this please, we like storage

  • ☭TԋҽRσυxʅKααɾԃʂ907☭

    This would make sorting gifs very easy. Please, let's add this.

  • OneHalfOfA,LovelyWhole

    My gif folder is just scrolling and scrolling and I have some many different genres of gifs I need to sort. I have disturbing gross ones, piggy ones, couple ones, and whatever else and I can barely find anything anymore because gifs take too long to load when I'm scrolling through a million. I don't think the feature would be that hard to implement either so its kind of frustrating. T_T

  • Bluefie

    Yes please! I am already forggeting about some faved gifs because im too lazy to scroll all the way down. Having the option to make my own folders manualy would be GREAT!

  • Cookie

    I use gif's alot and it would be useful if I could set some folders beyond just the favorite.  Scrolling for 1 min or more to get to one I want from favorite doesn't seem like the best option.  Other improvements have been made for chat and such would this be something that could be done?

  • Luca Pavan

    This is the reason for why I don't add GIFs to favorites, simply for the lack of organization.


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