Allow us to be able to open Multiple windows with the same or seperate account.


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  • Ved

    Pretty useless. It takes barely any time to open a different channel, and for temporary stuff the Chrome version is fine.

  • DeadlyOnion

    I do not agree with Ved, the way I work with several servers I would love to have my dominant server in a separate window, just being able to drag the windows out of Discord would be lovely. 

  • PeterSvP (Петърシ)

    Old Skype had multiple windows. People ditched Skype already because of this ui regression. Steam have multiple tabs and windows...Discord used ditching Skype as advertisement, but doesn't provide the nessesary ui... People with multiple monitors, streamers... If will be nice for desktop users if we have separate chat or server channel windows

  • Aqua

    I totally agree with this, it would help speed up my workflow (as i my work uses discord and am a mod on a few servers). It would be awesome to just have a few channels open on my second monitor just to monitor the situation and switch quicker between everything.

  • Yotimoto

    I've been wanting this since I started using discord. Being able to have multiple dm, group, and server chat windows open would be amazing. Should be basic desktop functionality. 

  • JohnnyC

    Yes, there is a browser workaround, but I'd like to join on the "popup is useful" choir. Besides, if it's a "popup option" it won't change anything for people who don't want/need this feature, like Ved's nagging about.

  • unityblue

    I agree, this is very much needed if this application wants to get to the next level.  It is very cool, but also very limited.  I used to use mIRC and multi window was rudimentary.  Relevant servers and channels will be quiet for days, no need to "dedicate" the application or screen to just one.

  • Vuetyris

    Heavily agree; not just from an organization standpoint in regards of moderation to keep up with a singular active server or channel, but from a personal perspective - for accessibility.

    I'm someone that has a hard time keeping up with conversations, and the current format of discord hides DMs unless you have the friends tab active. If you're someone that usually is in a server, that part of discord is hidden away, and wont pop back up unless there is an unread message left unattended. This can be worked with if you have constant conversations in private, but not so when they are intermittent and sporadic.

    There is already happenstances where discord can be open twice and results in two windows - expanding upon that 'bug' and making it a function would be an easy route! Or for smaller sub-windows that center on a specific server, channel, or message.

  • Jushua

    I agree. Think of it the way TeamSpeak works where you can be in multiple discord calls and you can switch between the 2/ It would be a very nice feature.

  • Movienight

    I've been missing this since day one. Coming from the days of IRC, it was very helpful to be able to have an instant overview of the most important channels.

  • jaems

    Cosign for this request

  • 0uttake

    I used to use Discord socially and for gaming but now I'm using it to communicate with my classmates and work on projects.. so.. bump. <3

  • UhClem (DaveM)

    Ditto, copying or reading between servers.

  • logic

    I also want this. I participate in multiple Discord servers, and switching between them is a significant context switch. It sucks that this context switch actually replaces the contents of the window. I'd much prefer to have a separate top-level window (in the desktop app, in my case) per server that I'm actively using.

  • Phylop

    This is the Discord feature I want more than anything.

  • stockhunter

    I also need multiple windows for multiple servers/groups I'm in. switching back an forth is so annoying that the app has become useless

  • Warlocc

    Seems like the Discord devs don't follow up on any of these support requests at all.

  • Alius

    I would very much like to at LEAST have DMs in a separate window.

  • Veronika Melia

    You can use Stack for it and have server and DMs side by side. Or as many servers you want...

  • XashDE

    That would be really useful indeed.

    It´s pretty annoying having to switch servers all the time to follow different discussions at the same time.

    Especially when you have your stuff in folders by cathegories, it get´s annoying fast.

    Just give me an option to drag out a channel/server and have a second discord window open that one.

  • Chris L

    This would be extremely useful. 

  • Isaac Nelson

    It is so frustrating to be limited to a single window. It's a huge limitation and when I started using Discord I was very surprised I couldn't have DMs in a separate window from servers. I'm not a Discord power user by any stretch. I mostly just use one server + DMs. Such a basic feature, completely missing!

  • Robert

    Three years old. That doesn't bode well for getting this feature.

    Any popular app with multiple contexts (browser, office software, terminal, etc.) has multiple windows. It can't be that hard to implement and it's clearly worth doing. I consider it as necessary as being able to chat at all.

    And no, opening up the client in a browser is not a solution because of the way alt-tabbing works on various platforms.

    (I consider this feature being missing to be an indication that the non-mobile clients are second-class citizens, and I consider that to be a bad sign for the project.)


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