Favorited Gifs Not Disappearing When You Log Out Would Be Nice


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  • Vilrot

    i'm heartbroken. i log out for 2 hours and over a year's worth of gifs are gone. 
    it should at least tell you they aren't permanent. : (

  • taktician

    I was logged out on all my devices this morning, not sure why. All my saved gifs are now gone.

    Two simple fixes come to mind:

    1. Store the list in a local persistent cache per user. Gifs are public, having a plaintext list of them on the machine would probably not be considered sensitive information. If you're worried, add a checkbox to enable or disable this.

    2. Store them in the cloud for the user. To prevent abuse, set a storage and rate limit, and/or maybe an LRU cutoff. If only using Tenor / Giphy, just enumerate the types and store the IDs instead of full URLs.

  • dot

    I am glad I'm not the only one experiencing this. It happens in any browser, on Mac, Linux and Windows 7 / 10. Quite annoying :>

  • Mr. Хардбacc


  • Memes

    Yeah, its really annoying. Would be nice to get a fix.

  • Piggynator gaming

    Honestly so annoying. I really hope discord comes out with a feature to keep them forever as well as a feature to get them back.

  • Sojuno Tonjitu

    I know... I came here just to investigate.
    I log out one time and all my used emojis are reset, my text scale is reset, and most importantly, all of my favourite gifs are gone. I had a plethora of them, like many many many months worth..
    I used them for inspiration and to generally make me smile. It'd be damn wonderful to get this fixed, I'm truly heartbroken. A restore and permanent saving feature would be fantastic.. 

  • dot

    hey considering this topic has got some traction maybe it'll only take then 2-3 years to fix!

  • Archangel

    There seems to be a possible solution for this problem.

    1. Create a new server where you will store your favorite GIFs. Create #favorite-gifs, #favorite-emojis channel.
    2. If your favorite GIFs are lost, come back to this server where you stored your favorite GIFs and add them to favorites again.

    I used to have this problem too, but it doesn't happen anymore. I don't know why, probably because of what I did above.

  • Clive

    Got signed out of discord for some unknown reason and now 3-4 months of unique gifs that I saved are gone, coming to this page and seeing a comment from 6 months ago with no fix within that time and now is pretty annoying. This is something the discord community would probably want to be fixed as soon as possible.


  • dovahkiinmagypsy

    Why is there not a fix for this yet? People have been having this problem since we got the options to favorite GIFs. 
    Sometimes people need to log out of Discord. Sometimes people get logged out randomly, and we lose tons of GIFs that we've accumulated over months of time.

    Please fix 

  • unknown

    smh, yeah :(((((((((((((((((((((((


    I am in the same boat. And you know what's worse for me in this situation?

    the gifs were still favorited for a while. I could see the gold stars, so, its like, there was clearly some kind of cache that was saved somewhere that held that info. Now, after updating the client, its gone.

    What makes me the most angry thought is that the only advice I was given after reporting this was to *delete* everything. literally, a service agent, (Joshua), told me to delete my entire client, and everything in appdata and everything to do things. thats literally the exact opposite of what I would think would help.

    There has to be some kind of data somewhere that at least saves what gifs you favorited and I would LOVE it if you guys prioritized and looked for it so we can get it saved. thsi is bull and removes the point of favoriting gifs in the first place.

    whats ironic is that I have been signed out of discord numerous times, due to power outages, restarts, and other things, and have never lost the data. yet, just this once, I sign out and its gone. doesnt make any sense...

  • caja

    Learned it the hard way yesterday! Have scrambled together some of them again but... I thought the whole idea of having favourite gifs was for easy access whenever, not until you log out.

  • kqzo

    i had at least 40 gifs favorited. either provide the link for every single one of them or put them back in my favorite folder.

  • dot

    I didn't even sign out or change anything on my PC and all my favourited GIFs are just gone. Again. I'm cancelling my Nitro subscription because of this!

  • Imtheaura

    This happened to me not even a few days ago after updating and using a qr code to login and to say I'm miffed would be an understatement. 

     I have lost over 50+ gifs not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES in the past including my recent gif loss, and at this point I'm livid. THIS should not be an issue and I have no idea WHY it's not fixed yet especially since it seems like something that's easily fixable.

  • Nintendude

    IKR I got logged out of my account for changing my password and now all my favorited gifs are gone, some of them were from outside tenor and giphy so I can't just search for them. PepeHands

  • satan

    I experienced the same, I was logged out for unknown reason and then my favourite gifs are gone. Although, I searched for some of them and they still have the yellow star there, but they only show up in Favourites if I remove the star and then click on it again. And then they show up at their "old" place, like there are placeholders for the rest of my "old" favourites, they're just not there.

  • HerrFormeo

    Please please please fix this gif situation.

    I lost tons of gifs recently & I'm not getting them back if they're not restored, Discord.

  • scheisse(c)

    This has brought me many woes 

  • Wolfsumi

    I didn't even signed out just had my computer off for a bit I come back and all my gifs were gone ;-; I had so many and now when I try to find them it has no url either why tis happening 


  • SharkBaitMyWhohaha

    Still no fix I see, well it's nice to know they can just break other things instead of focusing on a very obvious and easy to fix problem. But hey, that's just Discord now right? Maybe instead of making share screening insufferable to even use now because it's hella buggy, they could like take that time into fixing something that's been broken for almost a year now for some users.

  • Novarender

    Noo there goes 6 months of my video game reference and funny gifs

  • Another Neko 🌺

    I just updated my discord client manually since it wasn't autoupdating and reinstalling discord made all my favorited gifs disappear. I had hundreds of them (yes it was laggy but it's the fastest way to save gifs)!

  • jackowski626

    My day be so fine, then boom. Gifs gone

  • ctzod

    Yes, I agree. Please discord, fix this problem. It can be very annoying 

  • ashey

    I didn't even log out and all of my gifs were gone when I woke up. There have been times where I've logged out and back in and they have still been there but this morning after waking up, all my gifs are gone. Including one that I made that's in a DM and I know I didn't remove it.



    Make gifs cloud stored, you can easily just save a data sheet of the particular codes of the gifs the person has saved, and not the gifs themselves. Just save the links that attach to them, (and make sure that works for local gifs like stuff we post manually and then favorite, rather than *just* tenor and giphy gifs), and problem solved. It would be far less data intensive than saving the entire gif, and it shouldn't cause a lot more problems to do. A txt file of thousands and thousands of lines is only a few KBs, so it shouldn't be that big a deal.

    Please put this higher on your priorities, it can't be too hard to do, I'm no programmer so I'm sure it's not *that* simple. But it's clearly possible. You will make a lot of users happy and trust you more if you do!

  • discordite

    Hi-- just chiming in to say this is still an issue. I've tried with Discord PC app as well as the webapp and every time on restart my favorites are lost. Any time my computer force-shuts itself down for updates, wham, I lose all my Discord gifs and emoji preferences.

    never will I ever in my e n t i r e existence mean :purple_circle: instead of :purple_heart:, default settings. not on your life.


    I recently upgraded to Nitro and hoped it would resolve my issue. Alas, there's nothing special about paying for Discord that might save you from this sad, wipe-preferences-on-app-closure fate. :(

    Discord, will you please look into this issue or at least offer suggestions for workarounds/fixes? Are there settings files you can point us to we can make backups of to pop back in when we restart the app or something? Can you throw us any kind of bone here?


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