Timezones on profile


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  • charitwo
    This has privacy implications.
  • ruohki

    @charitwo Make this enable/disable in the profile settings. Problem solved.

    As Discord is strongly beeing adapted not only by people playing together but also working together this would be a killer feature. 

    I work on a game and we use discord as our team communication tool. The team is scatterd all around the world, and beeing able to see if iam botherting someone at 4am in the morning where it is around 6pm for me would be absolutley wonderful

  • Connor Schumer

    I run an artist community. We are global. I frequently have to use a different app called WOVEN to try and make appointments with artists or schedule events. I'm dying to host games nights as well, but unfortunately the timezone thing is a big issue, and asking people to go to WOVEN instead is asking too much of them because that's quite a complicated software. 

    So not only do I wish for a profile widget with a timezone or translator on it, but for a function or bot which can allow me to make a post pitching a games night or live event, and then give people options to vote on what times suit them best which is translated for each person through some universal time zone.

    Good luck with all you're working on team. No doubt there's infinitely more things you could add than what you can add. I love your software and hope to grow my community of it into the thousands for years to come!

  • AstralJaeger

    This feature would be really nice.

    Ideally this would incorporate the new "Server profiles" feature, where you could suppress it for any server.

    Additionally I think it should not display the actual timezone, but the time it is for the user.


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