Automatically surround selected text in brackets


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  • CDFN

    totally agree, musthave for programmers :D 

  • Deus Corvi

    This is a bit unneeded though, seeing as Discord isn't solely for programmers, and a majority wouldn't even know what a span or div is. If you're sending code, why not do it through code blocks, there's not much use for an automatic open char, word, close char. If you're sending code, why not do it in code blocks with the syntax highlighting of your choice, or better yet, through a gist. 

    Now, in regards to the markdown, possibly. But then again, having to take extra steps to remove the unneeded chars for things would just annoy a majority of users, rather than taking the time to add the chars they needed.

  • Andret

    Well, I can agree that most of the users would ignore the possibility, but from programmistical point of view its quite simple for implementing, and if someone doesn't want it, can simply not to use it. The solution could really boost correcting the message, either just written, or being edited from past. 


    I don't get the point of code block, there also automatic surrounding doesn't work, it's only syntax highlighting. Additionally, if at the end of message I decide to put it in inline code mark, with this feature I could simply press Ctrl + A, `, and done. Now I am to use `, Home, `, End. My suggestion could improve the convenience of correcting/fixing message, not only for programmers (but for sure mostly).

  • Bomel

    You would also create a real competition for slack and Microsoft Teams.


    Just a little economical motivation here :)


    you could also enable this feature only in the markdown block.


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