Clyde Rejected Message Reason Change


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  • Celeron
    I believe there is a reason for this, which is to make it unclear exactly why. If it says that you're blocked, the user may be more likely to continue to harass the user on another account. This was also the case for invite links, which displayed as 'Invalid' if banned up until very recently.
  • charitwo
    It's non-specific for privacy reasons. If you can't DM them you can't DM them. It shouldn't matter why.
  • mermaidmaniac

    I disagree. I just had my boyfriend show me that he tried to reply to my DM on discord and it Clyde bot told him he can't DM cause he's blocked when in reality I don't have him blocked. I haven't changed any privacy settings on my account either so it just randomly happened. Would've been more helpful for Clyde bot to give the actual reason it happened rather than a generic reply. 

  • Vas

    Yea, imagine you're talking to someone important and suddenly the servers go down like they did today and you think that person blocked you.

    Or even the above where the boyfriend thinks that he was blocked. Its a recipe for disaster in an emotionally charged situation.

    In my case, I was talking to some people in my discord server about aviation and suddenly all my messages started to fail, in my own SERVER. All I got was the generic bot message like wtf.


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