Add an option to disable the iOS/Android tabs


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  • Desiras

    >Adds new status messages which everyone is thrilled about
    >Puts out absolutely garbage update which completely hides statuses in the most unintuitive and obnoxious place possible

    This is good design

  • Ana

    The style of the new navigation bar also has a strong disconnect from the rest of the app on iOS. It feels like I am in a different app when I swipe to the right compared to how it used to match when you left. I feel that makes everything connect but now you swipe away from any chat and the style makes it feel not like Discord any longer. I love Discord, but this new update... not a fan. 

  • Doog.

    I agree completely. It just feels a lot less user friendly / less easy to navigate. Its nice when the app had most of its features in the same locations as desktop, but now it’s different and less consistent. Custom status is now located all the way in user settings btw

  • ankh

    It's even worse now because the status update feature is super out of the way, as well. One should be able to update their status easily instead of having to tab over to settings and scroll to it. I'm assuming it's because this UI was made before the update, but it definitely doesn't help.

  • Liliana

    Same. Give us back the old UI!

  • MuySalado

    Swiping right in order to see your servers, the bottom of the tab has been changed to be little tabs instead of a status and name.

  • glossystark

    Exactly!!! I absolutely hate this new layout

  • Psycho Whyco

    It is. And it’s less convenient to change the custom status as well as the online/offline/idle/do not disturb status as well. The previous was was better. All you had to do was tap your pfp in the bottom left corner and that’s it. So much easier. This new mobile update is garbage.

  • popeeyy

    DEAR LORD PLEASE REVERT IT. This black bar at the bottom is as big as my damn home button and reminds me of Android, I'm on iOS for a reason! 

  • astro-mechanic

    i agree with imagiMary1, I think the new UI is horrible, and I don't appreciate how none of us were informed the change would be happening (I returned from class to see that discord had changed, and I was very confused.) This would've at least given people the choice not to update to this terrible and inconvenient new UI

  • ember

    really hope they actually listen to their userbase. they know people dont like this and all they do is tell them “Oh youll get used to it” im not going to get used to the fact that discord is obnoxiously more complicated than before

  • Darkame

    This new UI is incredibly sensitive, and it makes me very anxious. For someone who likes change, it really doesn’t work for me.

  • chiri

    I’ve never actually gone out of my way to post anything, but this update is so aesthetically unpleasing and inconvenient that I actually felt an impulse to look on a way to revert it.

  • Cat Operated

    I hate this clunky new UI, I hate the chat window hovering to the right whenever I’m looking at any other tab, I hate recent mentions taking up so much damn space, and you know what I hate most of all? That the icon for friends looks like the partially reanimated zombie of AIM’s logo. Not a good look for y’all to be emulating.

  • ミナ

    I agree with what has been posted so far. For me the combination of:

    1. They introduced this before, people disliked it but they brought it back nonetheless,
    2. They forced it upon users with a silent update, and
    3. People are ranting about this since 3 days but still nothing has been done to allow users to use the old mode

    is enough to consider cancelling / not renewing my Nitro subscription. 

  • Moose

    I really hate the new update honestly, it's too clunky looking in my opinion. 

  • Jasmine

    Really do not like the new update everything on the bottom row I don’t even use... i don’t even know how to change my status online and offline now???

  • Comet

    It's also super clunky and unrefined.

  • TheSilentOne


  • Psycho Whyco

    I hate it. It’s way less convenient.

  • palmond

    for the love of god please

  • 🐶 ruffruff!

    Agreed, it makes getting around to servers and such even more of a hassle

  • Soulburger

    The new UI change looks ok, but it's harder to do things now, like change your online status. I'd much rather prefer function over flash, so I definitely agree

  • Ruri

    Agreed. I have a spare Discord account that I mostly just use as a way to save things like tags and images, and I was one of the unlucky ones who got this update early as a tester on my spare. I hated it then and that was back in August. It definitely won’t grow on me, it’s not appealing, the colour looks odd and it’s inefficient to use. I didn’t even have the update installed and this new UI was forced on me. It’s terrible. Please change it.

  • WolfenValdek

    I’m in the same thought train. The new layout isn’t as nice as the old one. The old one made it easier to access different things.

  • sixy

    they did this earlier this year and got a lot of backlash for changing it to such a clunky and confusing ui and reverted back. i dont know why theyd add it again and from every single person ive talked to (personal friend group to gaming servers to tech servers) all say that its bad

  • janelle

    yes the bar is utterly annoying and is less helpful then it previously had been. also how do you change your status thing now ?

  • Head_Manager

    For anyone who wants to know — I figured out how to find your custom status and online/do not disturb/etc status. You need to tap into the settings icon and scroll down to “app settings”. It should be the first option there. It’s really annoying and I don’t like it, but that’s how you do it 💘

  • Timemaster111

    I would definitely prefer a “legacy mode” to having a full revert. I can see myself using either though.

  • ElephantEarwax

    has bugs that get me stuck in recent mentions too, that sucks over data when you have to reload the app.


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