Re-Add the Ability to Use Spaces in Channel Names.


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  • Aeno

    Agreed. This is really important for channels with long names, and just in general to improve channel names. With dashes, channel names look bad. A solution is not to avoid using spaces, because this is just makes words confusing to read. We need this back. I have no idea why people are downvoting this suggestion!

  • Mya

    I can agree with that as well. There is no downside to re-implementing this addition because channel names can still be mentioned in the message bar simply by typing phrases of the name, not including emojis and/or symbols. If the developers were to make this an option firsthand, people would not be able to see any negative impacts or intuit with it, because the only purpose of spaces in channel names is to give them a personalized appearance.

  • XynoCrest

    Guys please upvote this post.. I really need spaces back in my life. I have OCD, and I can't live with my old channels looking fresh and unique, and new ones all shabby with dashes

  • Crippling Freak

    I so agree with everyone here. Like the spaces is just an aesthetic preference, the servers that implemented it had no problems mentioning their channels and will have a really hard time going back to dashes. Why did discord bother to patch such a simple thing. Like a space. is that even too much to ask!  

  • murf

    Agreed! I don't really see a reason why text channels shouldn't have Spaces considering the Categories and Voice Channels magically have them :) 

  • Larosen

    I can’t understand the decission to remove this feature. With all the - in the Names, ist doesn´t look clean anymore. 

  • DrLegend


  • Stromic


  • Multi Ank

    I logged in just to support this, it mades channels look so messy. Ugh.

  • Inno

    I hate this change so much. Definite downgrade. Does anyone know *why* this was done?

  • allozorro

    Make Discord great again!

  • milanesaestupida


  • RihamYo4

    Agreed. discord should give us option to choose between hypen or spaces!

  • Isabelle

    I just found out about this when I tried to space one of my channel names. Honestly, the dashes look really ugly. And now my server is a hot mess. Most channels still have the space, but then the newest channels have the dashes. And I really don’t want to edit the old channels and remove the space. With the space it looks so much cleaner. Please allow us to space our channels again. 

  • professional jelly slapper

    Very much agreed not just for aesthetics (the dashes are ugly) but for accessibility. channel-name-with-many-dashes is a little harder to read than channel name with spaces! Though, rather than re-adding the work-around I think it would be nice if Discord just innately allowed users to put spaces in channel names without having to use a bot to do so.

    Since you can already @Mention users with spaces in their usernames, spaces in channels shouldn't interfere with being able to link to them, but if they would you can always have it so linking to a channel uses its ID (i.e. 1234567890123) after the # instead of the name, which already works as an alternative. (You can link to channels and mention users and roles with <@1234567890123>, <#1234567890123>, and <@&1234567890123> already.) (Also, emoji are already allowed!)

  • tasu

    Idk why this isn't a thing we need this feature in there

  • KeremWho


  • 𝙁𝙚𝙖𝙧

    I don't understand why they insist on keeping those ugly dashes

  • eg

    exactly bro why are there even dashes

  • Neiara

    Agreed! Give us our spaces back.

  • belle ;; 🍡 ❞

    Please!!!! We need the spaces for the channels so they look more organized! 🙏🏼

  • Sofie

    Agreed! The spaces look so much cleaner. What is the reason for the hyphens, anyway? And why do only voice channels get spaces and caps in the names?

  • smuke

    I created a bot (named Space) to make it simple to make Discord channels look neat by replacing dashes with a "space" using two thin spaces (U+2009), which is no longer working. Very unfortunate that it is no longer working.

  • FlamedSkies

    I agree!

  • mat


  • daimyo69

    I was googling to see what was the problem, and this sucks. Give it back pls.


    Agreed. please return it!!

  • EMME

    Agreed ^

  • MajorCzaja ;>

    jestem za !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ミラ ♡ マーカス

    please add it back! my discord is so untidy now and and add a feature so we dont need dashes! the spaces look so much better!


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