Need way to hide list of members


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  • ProfDinkins

    I want to use Discord for my class that's moving online unexpectedly, and I would if I could hide the students from being able to see (and therefore easily contact) a full list of all of the students in the class.

  • json

    Same as @ProfDinkins Would be nice to have this as a role permission. We don't want students seeing other students. 

  • fLaSh

    Hello, i also need a way to hide the member list, this is a very important option i think for many owners of the group. Please add this option.

  • Makeshift

    I would just like the ability to hide members, like a panel slider or  collapse / extend ability so that i can increase my viewable area for reading information... Like twitch already does with its chat panel. you can collapse it to see more of the viewable screen

  • Chaos

    This is a much needed feature. I don't know why this is getting voted down.

  • TheBigNoob

    I help moderate a large discord server (37K+ users).  We are constantly getting crypto scam/spam dm bots flooding our server, and DM'ing much of our users.  If we were able to create a role that is applied to all users joining the server that prevents them from seeing users before they can verify that they are human, this would be a great help to large servers everywhere. 

  • mxldevs

    I would also like to have a way to hide a list of members from regular users so that people can join without worrying about receiving unwarranted messages.

    The comment about simply blocking users doesn't work for me because it is reactive and not proactive. I would prefer to have a system in place that would prevent users from getting unwarranted messages in the first place rather than having people complain - or just outright leave - and then having me go and address the issue.

    Also, hiding a member list doesn't mean the member list is entirely obsolete. The member list would still function the same way; it's just people might not be able to view it, the same way you can hide channels from those that do not have the required roles.

    It would be like saying "why add a lock to your front door if you're just going to let people walk through the door anyways?"

  • 𝓛𝓪𝓽𝓽𝓮

    I need to hide the member list from all the members except for the owner. I wish it were possible.

  • QuartzWarrior

    Yep this would we great

  • gavin35

    I also would like to hide the member list from all the members except for the owner. Much needed feature.

  • Fox_Sin_Ban

    can we not make this happen i already had a few of my members complain about unsolicited messages from random people that joined something as simple as hiding  the member list from a specific role would make a big difference please lets push for this to happen.

  • Acid Refine


    Ability to hide/toggle view for Member List and Channel List on individual client side would be much appreciated. 

  • Manticore | Beni

    I'm running several servers for a game community where we have an external area for everyone and an internal area for alliance members.

    It is crucial that the people in the external area don't see our online status because then they will know when to attack. Without being able to hide the member list for certain roles the only current alternative is to set your online status to invisible. This of course sets you invisible on all servers. Therefore this solution is not really optimal for our case.

  • Infinite

    This is long overdue, Discord. There are far more reasons in this day and age to hide the members list than there could possibly be to NOT have this feature. From a programming stand-point, this shouldn't really be that difficult to implement, but I'm obviously not in possession of the source code.

  • baci11us

    It could be a very useful feature and I hope it will be implemented someday...

  • YerpCaptain

    yes please make members list on the right side collapsible. as well as make channels collapsible. 

  • Brigade Du Fric - Pierre

    Hey team Discord,

    I like to protect my users privacy and this list thing is not helping at all. My server is about investment and I manually approve everyone to be sure they are legit.

    Here's the process : 
    1. User arrive on the discord server and has access to only one welcome channel. They have to click a small icon to  create a ticket and introduce themselves.
    2. After introduction and discussion they are approved (or not) and can access the rest of the Discord.

    The problem is that all the verified users are visible from non verified users in the welcome channel. Spammers don't need to introduce themselves to have access to a list of people interested in investment.

    I'm trying to protect my community and this is making it harder. Some of my community member are beginners, some are desperate (they want money), some are gullible. They are not all potential targets but no one like to receive spam.

    Please give me the ability to protect my users, this is a much needed "feature" and I don't get why it's  not activated for server that don't want to be "open to the world".

    Thank you.

  • Hrontore_Boa

    Bump because my community also needs this ability to protect privacy from those not verified or acknowledging community rules. 


  • DemiDigitalMeik

    My servers have been hit with the bot spamming stuff as well. This is a very important feature for privacy and protection.

  • StephensGuitarLessons

    This seems like a simple and easy way to protect users, and to give admins the ability to keep their servers safe.  Why in the world has it not been implemented yet?  I, like so many others, have a genuine need for the ability to choose to hide server member lists from other members.  If any user does NOT want to have their info hidden from others, that could still be accomplished if we had the ability to choose to hide the member list or not...but as it stands now, no one can make any choice at all regarding whether their name is displayed in a member list or not.  Seems pretty silly to not give us that option; how about we fix that, considering so many users have been asking--begging!--for it, for at least a year?  Thanks!

  • giantkin

    This , def is needed.


    CLIENT side as well as server side options.

       (just joined a channel that has alot of bots, in groups... i dont need to see them at all)


  • giantkin

    For some basic protection, i am using Captcha bot.


     Simple, sets ALL new joins to X group after verification step. (see code, type code)

        you must setup X group to see whatever you want to see. and lock all else.

     (then the normal group rules apply)

     pretty nice, works well enough.

       * i am not part of the team for this bot.  However i would help set it up in any server. contact me. ( might have to join the server first:

  • chesco_dance

    Much needed discord. I realy want to start building out my community but have concern for others people who just wish to take away from that effort for their own financial gain. Please help.

  • ember

    a simple checkbox when creating/managing each category/room would solve this.  it could say something like, "show users who have access in userlist"


    with the amount of garbage that is rampant on Discord, this seems like it should be a top priority..?

  • zurdo

    it should be a way for python managers to hide some roles in certain channels. Even better, if we could choose who or what roles are able to appear depending on the permission that channel has. Also for admin. It's awkward seeing always that person controlling your channels. I say as an admin. Good day and thanks for the great community you haver here! best regards!

  • GT

    If discord cannot hide members list then i have no use for it. I cannot afford to risk my clients info to scammers.

  • ManicShipper

    Desperately need a way to hide the member/userlist from members of a server, as me and a couple others are trying to figure a way to make a fully anonymous server.

    Bots work for messages, but everyone would still be able to see who's in the server, which is a problem

    Getting a toggle in the role permissions to "see user/memberlist" the same as you can toggle who can and can't tag everyone would be an immense help

  • Tremere

    This is a desperate need, and a major privacy concern. We have former members that are actively exploiting our members, as well as bots, spammers, and scammers. This should be a no brainer in 2021. 

  • giantkin

    I have found a way that it mostly works (to stop bots), with a bot.

    im sure there are more than one.

      I have a room that ppl join, they see no other room.  once they answer question, they get ROLE.

    role lets them see all the rooms, EXCEPT the first room is now locked/hidden to them.

        works. (only the admin groups see that room)


  • DemiDigitalMeik

    Unfortunately, that still doesn't work for me giantkin :( If you have a lot of people coming in at once, they can still see everyone who is in that initial room. Unless there's a way to automatically create new rooms when someone joins and assign them and admins there, but no one else and delete the room afterwards. I mean, I think that's theoretically possible...


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