Need way to hide list of members


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  • EpsilonAlpha

    Also, to hide people which I blocked from the user list. I don't want to see them, they are blocked for a reason.

    Currently, my only option to not see them is to close the user list entirely, but that can't be the solution, come on!

  • samuelsimoes

    At our server with 32k members, we are suffering a lot with these crypto scam bots. Please, take some action on this.

    We are using the trick to have a welcome channel and hide all channels to only people with a verified role, but it makes everything harder and removes our ability to use the nice new member greeting modal.

  • Aelux>

    Bumping thread started 2 years ago, I was shocked to see this has been ongoing so long and had a reasonable amount of attention and discord don't seem to want this when it is for the sake of members privacy in most cases much like I want to have for my server but I am unable too because of this basic feature being missing

  • Tron_Legacy

    The crypto bots are out of control. A simple solution would be a feature to turn off member viewing for certain roles (like @everyone). This way the verification steps in place would be effective and prevent spammers from DMing our members.

  • Yann

    This is really needed indeed also for us... A simple option hiding the #... would be sufficient to prevent spamming

  • DemiDigitalMeik

    I like the idea of hiding the #. I'm super upset that I'm coming back to this thread and seeing zero response from Discord on it...

    My group has a special use-case and we don't get a lot of people coming in, so I've got it set so when a user comes in they don't have access to any channels at all. Then we get them into channels where they should know everyone so it's not a huge deal for them to see the list. Definitely doesn't work for community servers though.

  • Pete CZ

    I've been working on this all week and i found the solution. Theres no default way, but you can set it so that your members arent visible on the welcome screen or verify channel whatever you have set as your entry page. You have to make sure that @everyone and whatever the default role is has permission to view those pages. Then in the page settings, manually add every role you want to be hidden from scammers, and turn their permissions to view OFF. This works because the only roles and members you can see on a given page, are those that have permission to view it. Members that have already verified dont need to see the welcome page or any of that junk. So If a scammer comes in to try to snag your member list, all they'll see is the roles that also have view permissions on that page. I have 28k members in my server, and I have Welcome set to land on the Verify page which has my securitybot. when someone comes in, they automatically get roled as Unverifed, and cant see any channels other than Verify. The only members they can see (unless they do verify, which they dont) are admins, bots and other Unverified. This has completely solved this problem.

  • kcinnay

    This is a reply to Pete CZ's comment on preventing illicit direct messages. Hiding members from newcomers is indeed is a clever way to combat illicit direct messages being sent to users. However, unfortunately this doesn't actually prevent any direct messages from being sent between a sender and the recipient. It will block manual sending of messages, since they are unable to see the members and click on them, but it won't block the actual request via the API that is used to send a direct message.  As long as the sender is in the same server as the recipient, nothing is able to block them from sending the direct message. In my opinion Discord needs to create a "quarantaine" channel option for community servers. In case the user does not have access to any other channels except for the quarantaine channel, it won't allow them to send any messages to members of that server via that specific server. A quarantaine channel would probably the best way to implement this type of restriction, since one does not want community managers to fully control the user experience, which could be the case if this would be role based. In this quarantaine channel one could employ various verification measures to make sure that you are dealing with an actual person. If they pass the verification this would grant them access to the rest of the server and thereby allow them to direct message the members of that server via that specific server.

  • Aelux>

    Yeah I came to that same solution in my own server actually. I think the key point here though is that features regarding safety should be implemented by discord. I suppose from the start it has been known that the server owners and mods do all the heavy lifting hence the creation of bots to make it easier. It is just a shame that safety measures aren't what they should be by default. I mean it's been 7 years and only last week/month did they get a word filter built in to it.

  • kcinnay

    Of course implementing such a feature would mean that Discord more or less admits to not being able to effectively stop bots from using their platform. But I think the benefit one gets from protecting innocent users from these illicit messages and harm would strongly outweigh the aforementioned consequence.

  • pejot88

    Hello there! similar problem here. posted this on reddit, but they removed my post due to low karma :(



    Im trying to configure Discord channel for my clients. I have client#1 added, everything is configured and works perfectly.

    I created second role and set of channels for client#2. everything is separated. works perfectly.

    I also have an "info" channel, where i post my working hours and holidays, etc. I want every user to be able to see this channel and informations here, but i don't won't users from different roles to see each other. on the right side (pc version of an app) every user can see roles and users:


    • me


    • mod1
    • mod2


    • user1
    • user2


    • user1
    • user2


    • many
    • users
    • online


    • many
    • users
    • offline


    I don't want that to be possible. Please, help.

    I'd love to use discord for more than just gaming communities.

  • Join My Server Please | Jayce

    The best way for Discord to integrate this option would be through permissions, and this is why:

    Still provides the original feature with a new option in a menu that already exists:

    • Frequently, Discord updates their permissions. They're capable of making new ones.
    • This would be easy to navigate to, and it already exists, so why not create it there?

    Adding it to permissions would also provide more features:

    • The server settings menu would allow you to only prohibit a member in a specific role from showing up on the members list.
    • This would allow channel and category specific selections as well by right clicking a channel or category.
    • Channel/category specific permissions would also enable two additional features.
    • Those features are selecting certain members, and of course, having channel specific permissions.

    Why this would be useful:

    • Servers may not want their bots to show on member lists, or their members DMing each other through the list.
    • People may be taking advantage of fellow members seeing their profile in some way, shape or form.
    • This could limit the list of members to special members like staff, boosters, etc. so servers can credit them.
  • Iban Rothschild

    User Permissons are acumulative and individualized then:

    - Clear all user roles permissons that are not needed
    - Clear all permissons to Everyone
    - Grant access to Everyone to the Desired channel history and channel itself only (and reactions)
    - Use Reaction Roles to bring a Verified role to everyone who read the instructions
    - Grant all desired permissons to Verified users
    - Ban Verified users from Desired channel
    - Ban superior roles from Desired channel

    Then Verified users will dissappear from Desired channel BUT non verified users will still appears in the user list.

  • EpsilonAlpha

    Sry, to say that: But that topic wouldn't exist if the onboard functionality of discord would allow to clear out the people from the list.

    I my case i'm not the admin of that server, but i blocked a member of that server which was harassing me, why is that person still visible in the list for me if i block him/her/it?

  • Karhell

    Up ? I'm here for that

    When you have a community discord you are obliged to leave a room accessible by everyone which implies that they can see all the users of the Discord. We don't want that... Bots join server and use these channels to see and spam people's DMs

    I had modified the server to separate people newly arrived with a role assigned when they arrive from other users who have already accepted the rules (it removes the newcomer role to give the role that gives access to everything) so that they don't not see each other. But we lost community status because it implies that no room is accessible to everyone

    It is a very annoying limitation in the management of a large community not to have this possibility to hide the list of users from certain roles (or those without a role)

  • Costal

    Is that still not realized? 0_0

  • Frack01

    This really needs to be a feature, either at the role or channel level. 

    I manage a server for an organization's Pride group where the users use their real names for their server profiles with an age range from 18-80+. There's a section for Allies and a private section for the LGBTQ+ members. We have members who are not out but want to be aware of the conversations happening with the Allies but do not want people who are strictly Allies to know they are on the server. 

    Because of the age range and technical ability, we have to control settings to prevent people from using the wrong channel despite them being properly labeled like ally-general vs. pride-general to avoid things like an accidental outing of a member. We can account for some of this with roles to allow people to only see the ally channels and not post. However, since you can see the user list and their roles, someone going through the member list can see the role of “Pride Chapter Member” and a workaround of labeling roles Member 1 and Member 2 doesn't work because there are only two groups of members outside of the admins. Making more roles with the same permissions to throw around the numbers would be ridiculous and hard to manage if we ever have to make role role-based changes. 


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