is this real?


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  • Saluki

    This is definitely a fake message. If something like this did happen, then you would be contacted via a more official source, not a random DM.

    In future, please don't post this kind of question here, as it does not relate to Discord Feedback. Instead, ask support over

  • Ahuman

    Following what Saluki said, things that tell you to share it in other servers are often fake. Messages that warn against a harmful user or saying that a specific service is set to close are also usually just made up.

  • Andi9002

    Nah my guy this is fake af

    First of all they have so much active players and more coming in as it saiz

    Second there is no reason for them to close it. The only reason would been they out of money or someone bought them

    Third "Sent this message to your friend" yeah i heard that in the most of the scams

  • ClarkyP

    I believe that we should not worry about this because thats why we have this thing called "verified accounts". Or maybe im just a complete dumby....

  • 2379

    This is obviously fake,I'm writing what one of my friends on discord said. It's fake if discord was becoming overpopulated then they would be getting more money so they wouldn't shut down for no reason and they can't just kick people through text messages 

  • Darkling

    Yeah, this is entirely fake. It doesn't make economic sense to close it down because it's being overpopulated, as Discord would be receiving more money from nitro users and other sources, so Discord could very easily afford to hold many, many more users.

    On top of that, this is the exact same as those chain PMs you see on facebook where someone sends you something random/stupid/alarming and says to tend it to everyone on your friends list. It's always fake, and this is a stupid way to see who is active. We verify our accounts for a reason. It would be more effective to terminate unverified accounts after a certain period from account creation.

    This is a fake, and a poor one at that

  • milhoja

    check this reddit thread:

    anyways, i'd think the discord team would tell us in a more official and reliable way, like with the news (the What's New? section that pops up once you log in), i'm pretty sure this just started as a joke and became a copypasta out of the blue.

    you wouldn't just get a random dm stating "oh, discord will close nov 7 2020" just because.

    don't trust this.

  • ahri104

    My friend sent me that. I don't think it's real, because yeah, discord would probably tell us from a more secure source.

  • SpaceRanger4827

    I got the exact same message through a discord server


  • Aaron『SW』

    to those who fell for the fake announcement i am extremely sorry that you all fell for it. Discord would give out a announcement on their Twitter page not in the DM's. so those who fell for the fake announcement please keep a close eye on those messages

    edit on Monday, May 18, 2020: jeez that is still going on?

  • sxypikachu69

    Why the hell do people post this type of stuff? It just blows my mind the fact that people actually believe this

  • Eric (celebrate pride!)

    It is fake because the message says "This is what will happen on July 23," although it says that Discord will close in November, so it doesn't make sense.

  • Ferret

    I hope it isn't real, i got the exact same msg, i really love discord. (probably grammar mistakes xd)


  • Fizzy

    I just got it

  • legend

    @ClarkyP this wouldn't be possible there is no way you could test each and every discord member to be trustworthy plus you'd have to remove and add members all the time you aren't dumb good idea but not possible

  • Axoez

    there is even more flaws in that dm, why would discord say that we can only show we are active by sharing that "announcement", seriously, only saying one letter can show that we are on because we still said something

  • 𝙺𝚞𝚛𝚘𝚡𝚒𝚝𝚢

    Ay, I just got this message and it's fake. 

  • 𝙺𝚞𝚛𝚘𝚡𝚒𝚝𝚢

    It's click bait xd 

  • Cole Cuts

    It's fake. I think they are taking care of it I'm not sure.

  • Just_An_Average_Z_Boi

    This is all BS this is just a bot and 25 million users is not a lot for a chat app!!


  • extra moccy

    Nah. This is fake. If you guys wanna friend me, my name is Hoodie Kid #9825


  • ahri104

    Okay, a few months ago I asked if this was real but guys it's chainmail. Like the others are saying, Discord would of announced it in an email instead of your friends sending it to you. I got it a few times, but never sent it to anyone. Nothing is gonna happen on July 23 (uheueuehhehe my birthday)! Discord will be FINE! Also Pal that probably isn't real. I'm just guessing because idk it says spambot

  • jppboi

    it is so fake


  • Flame

    should probably delete this because a lot of my friends on discord and skype fell for this and they are panicking i almost fell for it myself until i remeber they only post this on twitter so the person who posted this please for the love of (g word) delete this. For crying out loud its not funny to make this crap up. a lot of people like using discord for work and gaming so stop posting crap like this i love discord very much. So stop posting random "crap" like this because its annoying as (h word).

  • Chris XD

    Bro I saw this on a website that google made a snippet of on one of the first results :/

  • Toot

    Someone on Discord sent me a screenshot with that. It's fake. 

  • MetaKnight

    Alright so this post is close to 10 months old it has been proofed to be fake you can ignore it by now

  • Domcelicious

    I got that message from a friend, and I haven't shared that message to anyone. I haven't been banned, So it's 100% fake.

  • Qtips

    This is fake! In my research, I found this:



  • AquaBlaze

    ah yes, "discord shutting down because it's over-populated"


    yeah okay, no, actually fr no. why tf would discord shut down because it's "over-populated"


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