Reporting a bot (scam?)


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  • maverick95

    yep, it tried to invite me to a "nudes" server


  • cosmosheesh

    same problem here, another account of a spam bot

    FREE NITRO#2349


  • bencos18

    same here also

  • iamsyl3nt

    i received today a simmilar message from a bot saying the exact same message 
    user id:644315098067763210

  • Lollipop-chan

    Bruh same. I was just doing my own stuff, then out of nowhere, this bot called "FREE NITRO" just private messaged me, telling me to invite it over. I almost made the mistake of doing so, but I didn't when I noticed that it was called "Amalya". It had a picture of a girls face. I blocked the bot after insulting it. I couldn't really find the ID. I just know thay it's tag is FREE NITRO#3790

  • Peril

    Same here 

    UserID : 659876698187366422 (the bot one)

  • Matsu

    Same problem, FREE NITRO#7163

  • texas engie

    Problem is, 2 INVITES = NITRO CLASSIC group.

  • VictorGamerLOL

    Exactly the same here 

    UserID: 642638524981444610

  • SilentVonWind

    there is another one. Free Discord Nitro#0454, Id 390953601645674507

  • AdolFa

    Free Discord Nitro#0454 same

  • Beatrice ▽

    Hello there,

    Such bots and spam messages are fake. Believe me, you can complain about the bot owner at

    Best Wishes,


  • *Minty*

    The same bot message me this today. And I got some links to "Emma's Nude's" serwer... 

    At the same time. The bot nas to be removed and I thinking that the Emma's server should be checked. 

  • Master Durandal

    Same with me here. I have also been spammed with this free Nitro nonsense with the “Free Discord Nitro” bot and have had links to NSFW Discord servers sent to me.

    User ID: 386103175473659904

    Discord tag: Free Discord Nitro#1736

  • Rikonardo

    List of bots that bothered me with this spam:




  • Uil

    Just saw the bot myself. Seems it has another tag. I think it has multiple. ID : 611159066764378122

  • Fenrir

    I just got the same message on my account as well, looks like it resets its ID.

    1st ID

    2nd ID

    Personally, would love to have the option to report this to the "Trust And Safety" Team right from the app or have if it is a LEGIT promotion from discord themselves that there be a 🌟 (Verified Icon) to know that it belongs to Discord themselves.

    And what I am seeing from other posts could be a clear violation in the terms of service called misuse of the service under the scamming Category.

  • ❤UhH.. Eden❤

    Yeah, just got a message less than an hour ago.
    ID - 533364195518054440

  • Kankuro

    Here have another.
    ID: 565334911444189221

  • This happened to me a few minutes ago. I put the bot on a server that me and my friends no longer use. I put my alt on the server and transferred ownership to an alt account and told the rest of my friends to leave the server. I made and infinite invite and sent it to one of my friends and told him that we would wait a day or two and then join back to the server and see what would have happened. We know that it probably wont work but i just decided to conduct this little "experiment" cause i was curious to see what it would do and i was kinda bored lol. 

    This is the bots id : 694972310452699157

    This is the bots user : Free Discord Boosting#787

  • Ebiko

    Same here: 

    from Discord Birthday (Bot) 
    offering Free Nitro for your server

    (but in DM its already called "Fake bot" for some reason 

  • ᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼

    a new discord scam bot called 'CLAIM YOUR NITRO'
    The bot's tag is @© Claim Your Nitro#8960
    It offers 10$discord nitro
    pls do not accept

  • xXDead LemonXx

    same here,once they got u theres no getting away from it.i get atleast 5 dms from these bots a day, blocking them does nothing.discord pls ban them from dming ppl  🥺

  • MuffinIsChilling

    There Is This Bot Scam Going On But That Bots Are Verified

    I Even Got A 100$ Nitro From Dyno Sent From A Server And They Post Nitro Gift Links But It Joins A Server

    I Think They Are From Servers That Wants More Members...

  • phantomIRON

    It responds "please join (server name) to redeem your 9.99$ discord Nitro" if you respond with anything, literally anything
    It will spam if you spam replies and delete them after a certain time, I understand that it is trying to help servers grow, but this is a scam and a dirty tactic ,this would be fine if it didn't spam and scam. And the fact that it's DM'ing randoms also people who aren't interested in the type of server it's luring to join.I joined the server to try it out anyway but after I joined it told me to join 4 more random servers, after I left the first server it still DM's me just by a change of 'join' to 'rejoin'.
    Anyway it's ID is 814977390962016337
    And ' Kana #8590
    Please terminate this spam/scam bot.
    I'm sorry if I used your time by typing such a paragraph.
    My regards-PhantomIRON #9727

  • jaylen

    I got the same thing and it almost 100% is a bot because when Nitro was given out before you didn't have to invite the bot to your server and the nitro link that was given was just the gift invite so you could use it or give it to another person without inviting any type of bot/user to a server.

    Just assume it's a bot and ignore.

  • kSpace

    Im having the same issue. Same UserID: 644315098067763210

    Also got spammed with 18+ servers etc. I blocked it, but it the Bot has to be removed.

  • Sad loli girl

    Sane here, 

    UserID: 646223188698726400

  • Nartech

    I received too a "free nitro discord" message too, user id that once i got on my serv where i'm alone, i got messaged again, it's scam for sure

    ID: 657660508207448065

  • bencos18

    user id 642638524981444610


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