Role Dividers


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  • DiamondDemon

    i so need this i have to use roles to divide bot roles from member roles and i dont like it

  • Notepad

    Can you assign multiple roles from one category to a user in your concept? And are the roles in a category ordered?

  • Jboi

    Would love to see this

  • Sairam


  • cocoshka

    It would be great if development team added these role dividers. Currently, the only way to do a similar thing is to create role with a name that starts and ends with Invisible Times and contains some spaces between these characters and the role name centred in the middle and set to the same color as the background. When using this trick, I have to use these dividers as role group footers with arrows pointing up, because setting color for these roles changes the nickname color, so nicknames are invisible in chat and users list. There is one more problem. It won't work on mobile phones and will cause more clutter than without it.



    Current solution:

    Current solution on mobile phones:

  • they-ra

    This would be awesome as if you set the colour of the role to be the colour of the dark mode discord background then users on mobile or light mode don't get the same decluttered experience as users on PC dark mode. It would help free up role slots to be used for something else and reduce the clutter of role lists on user's accounts.

    It would also be great if there were some way to make the dividers long enough to divide the roles list up on all platforms because at the moment, even if I make my dividers really long, on iPad the role is still shortened to accommodate multiple roles on one line with the '...' at the end.

  • they-ra

    Notepad You would still be able to assign multiple roles from each category the way I understand it, because the dividers would be purely aesthetic and help make the roles list and people's profiles less cluttered. I don't see any reason why roles could not be moved around, edited and assigned as they are now but just have the dividers to place in the list to make things easier to read and more aesthetically pleasing.

  • BrianHarris

    I got it.


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