Can't get rid of Activity Feed


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  • 🍬Momma Sugar🍬(sugar0addict)

    Agreed. Having to right mouse click on name & then profile to uncheck to see activity feed is super annoying, especially when these are mostly people I don't talk to on a regular basis, & the only thing I have in common is a server I belong to. Not to mention the change in how my contacts are shown.

  • WorldofBay

    since it got implemented i have this dumb notification "See what other people are up to" in my friends tab with only one button to start the feed and none to decline. i don't know how to get rid of it, anything about feeds is disabled and there is no option that says "don't annoy me with a feature i opted out of"


    i don't need a feed. i don't want a feed. but i do want the old appearance of my friends tab back with only 2 columns.

  • Drunk Katyusha

    And now I don't even have the option to remove people from the feed, even though I was doing it yesterday.

  • 🍬Momma Sugar🍬(sugar0addict)

    I noticed this as well. Discord please give us the option to not have this showing.


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