Hiding user list from a specific role


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  • StevenTed

    Hi Epjkb,

    I'm doing a little tutorial so that people with the role ''no roles'' do not see the channel.


    • 1) Go to your channel setting.



    • 2) Go to the channel permissions.


    • 3) Go to "Roles / Members" and you choose the role "no roles".


    • 4) Disable the "Read Messages" and "Send Message" permissions.


    Here after all that all the people with the roles "no roles" it will not see in the channels to which it is not allowed to see the channels.

  • Epjkb

    hey StevenTed,

    I have already done this, but the problem I am encountering is that when they join the server they have access to the announcements and rules channels along with everyone else. This means that they can still see all the other users and as a result be able to spam them

  • StevenTed

    Hey Epjkb,


    You just have to put the permission that I showed you on all your channels. And if you want to create a channel with the people ''no roles'' can see the living room you just have to put that ''everyone '' not see the channel but that '' No roles '' see the channel. Imagine that you want the channel rules to be seen also by ''everyone'' and by ''no roles'' you duplicate the channel ''Rules'' and you create a channel that is seen only by ''everyone'' and another than by ''no roles''

  • maoman

    That is such a tedious and overly complicated solution... At that point you may as well just make a new server that's identical to the first and only invite the people that are getting spammed.

  • Jagel

    What if you want users with "no roles" to be unable to see other users with "no roles"?

  • Iban Rothschild

    User Permissons are acumulative and individualized then:

    - Clear all user roles permissons that are not needed
    - Clear all permissons to Everyone
    - Grant access to Everyone to the Desired channel history and channel itself only (and reactions)
    - Use Reaction Roles to bring a Verified role to everyone who read the instructions
    - Grant all desired permissons to Verified users
    - Ban Verified users from Desired channel
    - Ban superior roles from Desired channel

    Then Verified users will dissappear from Desired channel BUT non verified users will still appears in the user list.


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