The new Discord update's ui changes


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  • friccman

    Discord needs to go back to the old style

  • IFcoltransG

    I wholeheartedly agree that the emoji everywhere are obnoxious. They are colourful, and they follow the mouse when you move it. That's just a recipe for disaster. At the very least they should be grey-scale until you hover on them, like the one on the message box. I appreciate the way hovering over a message with a profile picture now makes a bar that's well aligned with the profile picture itself. It feels neat and elegant. When it comes to the text entry area, the left edge of text in the message box doesn't exactly line up with text in the chat proper, which slightly detracts from the neatness. I prefer how it is on mobile: it's quite a different width so it doesn't feel like it should line up at all. It's a small thing, but I'd suggest making it either line up, or not line up, rather than making it almost aligned. Another thing is the NEW indicator. It's more prominent now that it's white and red rather than just red. (It doesn't matter on the blinding theme because the background is white anyway.) I don't love it, but I imagine I'll get used to it if it isn't changed. One last thing: I love the icons next to the menu options if you press the three dots on a message (but oddly not if you right click). However, on several languages the text gets claustrophobically close to the icons. It might pay to add some more padding to the right margin there. This problem affects practically every language that uses Latin or Cryllic alphabets, except English.


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