Discord Stop the UI was fine before


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  • –Phase–

    Have to agree, the previous UI was much better, this new update is terrible. It's a step backwards

  • Demonfang Arun

    Agreed! while they fixed some things with the update I got moments ago, it's still crap compared to what it was. NO, I do NOT want nitro, and I do NOT need redundant buttons in the UI!

  • teybob

    The highlighting is gaudy, and nobody reacts that often that you need instant access to it on every message, the new new line doesn't fit with the rest of the UI.  I want my lines between messages back.

  • Gilgamesh 👑

    What exactly happened to *Ditch Skype* ?

    Now you are exactly like skype

  • Heart Attack

    Yeah the old ui is much better.


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