Streaming on ios


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  • Zake2002

    Since iOS 11, we had the ability to record and stream our screen to not just the photos app but also to streaming apps that support it as well, and all you needed to do was just enable it in the settings to show up in your control center, and I'm pretty sure it's easy to code in screenshare into Android apps as well, so if discord can enable the use of screen sharing for both iOS and Android, it would be really amazing!
    This would also mean for mobile players that they can stream their gameplay to discord directly from their phones and tablets instead of having to mirror them to a computer and use the computer discord to screen share, and it doesn't even have to be for games either!
    It's possible and I hope they can figure out how to code it in, (also sorry if this offends Discord but) even Skype allowed iOS users to share their phone screen in a call, even a group call. If we can do that on Discord then it would be so good, and if this could also be used to stream in server voice channels like the Go Live feature? That would make it the best addition of features yet!
    I hope to see this soon, Discord!
    -Zake A.
    (P.S: I don't have an Android but this would still be cool for those that do as well!)

  • jeramy

    There is a setting to turn on screen recording according to my friend because he can stream on iPad

  • Andrelix

    Waiting for the Go Live to be available on mobile, iPad user here

  • phister

    You ain’t left out Andrelix I’m a iPad user

  • peepsqueak

    Would love for more IOS features such as streaming to be worked on. This is a big deal for a lot of artist I know, they wanna be able to stream their work from ios discord but can't due to it not being added into. Worth the look into though. 

  • |&| Lucifer Tanaka |&|

    Yea I would love to live stream on my phone on discord

  • JobyDorr

    Upvoting this! Hope it happens soon. Would be huge for me and a lot of others

  • Shin

    Upvoting cuz yes this would be great for artists.

  • Aspect

    Upvoting this. It should be possible to make this a thing, because it seems to be an option for system itself.

  • Pascal



  • Josueandgamy

    Still waiting (upvoted)


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