Separate permissions for Go Live and Video Chat


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  • Eti

    I can definitely say I want this too.

    I'm a moderator in the official server for Ori the Game and we have a number of concerns pertaining to user conduct. Personally, I'd rather not have to deal with biting my nails wondering if some random guy is gonna come along and make some inappropriate stream.

    I understand that adding a form of gateway is the best choice (it was advised by the guide, after all), and for our case the best choice is a role that users must earn. The issue is that we don't want to add a new approval process and such to ensure the right people get the role. User security is taken very seriously, so just granting it on a whim is not a good idea by any means. This means we need to expend some amount of effort to judging who gets to stream and who doesn't, and it's going to be a mess. Many of our users love to stream and taking away this capability would be more of an irritation to most, and while for a large score of these users we know we can grant such a role immediately due to existing reputation, new users are going to be far more difficult to work with and judge.

    It would be far easier for moderation purposes to simply disable the ability to utilize webcams rather than having to implement an approval process for this or just believe in good faith. Streaming is an integral part of many voice chat sessions in this server and limiting it completely is a very undesirable action.

    I certainly hope that a separate permission is added.

  • Reaptress

    This is very much needed right now and QUICK!!! when you have an already existing ranking system to deal with and now have to rethink the entire thing because of this simple thing not being separated..... video chatting with webcam and going live streaming should be considered 2 different things >.< this is dangerous and I’m biting my nails in a SMALL growing server i can’t even imagine the issues it will be creating in larger servers!! 

  • Sairam

    Well, I too came here asking this feature!
    We have two categories for go live and stream video.

    I don't want my members to go live in video channels
    And I don't want my members to stream video in live channels

  • shytoos

    Add this ASAP please, we have a 75k+ members Discord server and we had to totally forbid the Go Live features since these features don't have distinct permissions.

  • puzzler

    I urgently need this too. Will be grateful for this function.

  • Sairam

    Would be nice if you add this Discord.


    But since Discord doesn't have separate perms, we need to hide the whole video channels.

    It would be cool if you separate Video permission. Thank you.

  • PanPan

    Yes definitely want this. I have video chatting available for everyone but I don't want anyone to stream right now. Extremely frustrating that this isn't separate.


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