anti double account system and find common feature


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  • lsass.exe

    edit response:

    This actually sounds like a great idea to add! I believe there's a loophole in this idea as well, mobile IPs and computer IPs are different unless they're connected to WiFi. Meaning if a user were to do dual account, it'd still go undetected unless they were on the same IP Address. This feature could be implemented but there would be a lot of things for Discord to hammer out. Not even going to mention VPNs or proxies. But if they did implement this, they would save a lot of servers from botting, smurfing, and more.. I support your thread.

  • Bartho

    Great idea


  • AUSBird

    The only issue with checking if a user is an alt account by IP Addresses are scenarios when someone is logging in from a network shared by lots of people e.g. students who live on campus that share the same internet connection...

    Another case this could be a problem is if an ISP puts a bunch of different customers behind a NAT. then this means that it's possible for people to share the same IP address that Discord can see but be 2 very unrelated people

    This might work with an IPv6 address as all devices have a unique address... But IPv6 is not everywhere yet so not as effective.


    Good idea, but maybe it needs to be done in a different way IMO... Please feel free to disprove anything I said. I am not a professional with computer networks

  • Kuroshi de gozaru

    A IMEI can be the solution becaus he is unique end more easy compared to Ipv6 , or generate a unique id relation to ip .

  • AUSBird

    IMEI is way to sensitive IMHO, and is only applicable to phones... Besides, what if you sell your phone?

    A good anti-alt account system needs to use something that's universal... IPv6 can renew and change... But it's able to be on all platforms.

    I will try come up with an idea later. Since I feel if I am giving reasons against, I should make a suggestion for it.

  • Onad

    “A good anti-alt account system needs to use something that's universal...”
    You need to think more universal than just platform. 

    In most jurisdictions, our identity begins with a birth certificate and carries through state identity records. 

    The state could generate an anonymous unique identity certificate for an individual of that state and a domain where the identity is to be used. This AUI could not be correlated across different domains without cooperation of both domains and the state. A trusted resigner could even anonymize which state the certificate came from.

    This will unfortunately never happen because state security interests want more control and privacy rights activists think this gives the state too much control  


  • AUSBird

    Bro... I am not a big privacy person. But I would rather not link discord to my birth certificate even if it's "anonymous"
    It's not about the state getting control, it's about being tracked.

    I am not a crazy person. But as a casual person. This feels to far for me...

    I can't think of a solution here... To many moving parts... I am sure someone will have an idea.

  • Onad

    Let be be a little more technical. You want to prove to The Domain that you are a unique person that does not already have another account on The Domain. 

    The state already has a database that lists each of its citizens. You prove to the state who you are and ask them for a certificate that shows you are unique in the “The Domain”. This certificate is stamped with the seal of the state so anyone can verify that it is real. The certificate does not contain any of your personal information but only a long Anonymous Identifier that will always be the same each time you request the certificate for the “The Domain”. When you send this certificate to “The Domain” they can verify that no other current or former member used this same Anonymous Identifier so they will approve your account. 

    What information could be leaked from such an exchange? The state learns that you have in interest in “The Domain”. They do not know if you ever created an account let alone knowing your account name. Nor will this give them any ability to track your activity.

    The Domain may learn which state you are a citizen of. 

    This exchange does not provide complete anonymity. Legal authority over both the state and “The Domain” could force the two to cooperate and unmask the anonymous identity. 

    Along with this process. Personal information that you choose or are required to share could be validated. Specifically you would be able to prove that you were of legal age without providing your date of birth. 

  • Ryzza5

    On PC forums usually a combination of IP Address and browser Cookie are enough to prove duplicate accounts.  The cookie survives IP Address change by proxy or VPN.  Of course this doesn't help with accessing Discord via a variety of platforms, but it's a start.  


    The Discord apps/servers could still track various logins from the same device client and provide some visual cue to server admins.  Admins can add that to other suspicious user activity (User B joins server shortly after User A was banned) to decide if User B also needs banning.

  • forwhomthebelltolls

    Sheesh people. IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are not really used for tracking users these days. IPv6 is great; embrace it.

  • Kardon



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