Discord bot "only you can see this" messages


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  • MrKafr

    I dont know if its possible becuase i think that Clyde message is generated on FE.
    You can use DMs for that.

  • Linkoss_Link

    It would be cool yeah

  • ⛧Bζ͜͡annerBomb⛧

    If they could add this I could see a few things that bots could use it for.

    For example for if you are providing an error message to a specific user, you can have it show for only that user instead of spamming the channel with messages for each user.

    Or for something like a user-join agree channel. If the user doesn't provide the correct phrase to get the role to access the rest of the server, then you can use it to provide the error message to only that single user and keep.


    There are many other things that can be done with them also that would make bots better in some ways.


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