Proposal For A *Total* Overhaul to the Permissions system.


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  • TwilightZebby

    This is a good concept.

    Just a small thing, maybe rename the second "Add/Remove Roles" in the "Manage Roles" section to "Grant/Revoke Roles". It's less confusing that way in my opinion.

  • Vex

    Yeah that's a good point, thanks for that!

  • RoyTheDragon

    This has to be done, a complete overhaul of the permissions for roles, this would make servers more stable.

  • Minion3665

    Another idea is to ensure that users cannot grant themselves roles that have more permissions than their current role, and also to use an override system for main server roles


    In addition: the override system could be made more useful by making higher roles' deny permissions override allow permissions from lower roles. This would allow much easier mute roles and similar roles.

  • Vighon

    This would be amazing.
    My main *want* is for a hierarchy with role permissions to supercede the roles below it.
    Eg. Role A having deny read above Role B with allow read. This would allow for the ability to create a mute role that bypasses a user's current roles rather than removing them all.

    People have spoken about setting permissions to neutral and then setting the allow/deny but this doesn't work for servers that have multiple games that are hidden until the user specifys their games (eh reaction roles bot etc)
    While I've used the 'mute' role as an example, it isn't limited to that type of role.
    I feel like discord used to work like this but for some reason changed at some point and I don't know when it even why.

    Phenomenal effort on your post and sorry to match on. I feel like the Devs never let us know if they're considering something, have seen something or are even aware of the communities increased interest in a certain area.
    I've seen so many posts that are two years old asking for some of the same things people are asking for now with no clue if the Devs are even aware that the people are asking for these.
    Makes you feel like these feedback options are useless and/or ignored.

  • Greenfoot5

    Discord is also great for people who don't want to spend too much time looking into permissions and how they work. Perhaps an owner toggle to opt-in to this system would also be great. That way, if the new system is too daunting, that's fine, you can stick with the current way, but those that want more complex permission management can enable it.

  • Minion3665

    @Greenfoot5 true, but you've also got to remember that the current system is very unintuitive in some situations, such as role overrides. Even if a new system is implemented with an off-switch there are still some changes that should be made to the current system to avoid new users being confused by the current system's quirks.

  • maxoku

    That's great you took your time to organize the discord's UI and show a preview of them. Customization should be something common, but devs of many applications and system are too lazy or mean to allow that. They might agree if they're paid or crowds (in thousands) of users demand it, or better both. I really would like to live in a world that devs would do something just because it makes it better for users not for themselves.

  • andrecamara

    That's a very good point Minion3665. I know many organizations that are willing to migrate to discord from other messaging platforms (such as Teams or Slack), but get overwhelmed with the details of the complex permission system in discord.

    It would be awesome to have a 'Simple Mode' server setup, that mimic Slack permissions: private (i.e., invite only) and public channels, and Admin and Everyone roles.  By inviting someone to such 'private' channels, the person would already have read/write permissions (instead of having to add the each permission to a person as it is done currently).


    This seriously needs to be a thing... i had a role with "Manage Roles" enabled, which was near the bottom of the role list... turns out though, if you have this role, along with a role near the top. It gives you full reign of the entire role list. Permissions need much finer tuning ability.


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