Gifting Nitro Credit


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  • yves ⸝⸝

    I love that idea! I am sure a lot of people would appreciate that idea going through, paying with nitro credit could also be a good payment option!

  • Eager Fusillade

    hahah, i would never gift Nitro to anyone. Have you seen these guy's support? Cuz guess what, they don't have people, they have bots and will do nothing to help you. They locked me out of my Nitro subscribed account, and they just repeat the same things over and do zero to help. 

  • Levi

    This is a reply to Eager Fusilade since i see you posting this on every nitro thread i will copy and paste this onto all of them first of all discords response times remain immaculate even through the lockdown so its almost definitely something your doing wrong on your end I don't know if you are upset because of another issue so you are using this to take out your anger but can you stop trying to deter people from using discord 1. its an overall amazing place to socialise and you can almost always find whatever you're looking for. From Dating Servers to Gaming communities to Homework Help they have 250 MILLION USER ACCOUNTS and 14 million daily active users that is from an article written on the 9th of April of 2019 they have done an incredible job of making sure the members are all satisfied so don't go out of your way to go onto every single post just to hate on an app that is flourishing all because you are making some dumb mistake like sending your email to the wrong category or you are dming someone on the app itself so please stop spreading your negativity and enjoy your day.


    Sincerely, Levi#0420 


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