Enable bots in groupchats


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  • Jackson

    While I do think that it is an interesting idea and I know some group chats that might take advantage of a bot in a direct message group, I can't help but find it kind of redundant and something that shouldn't take any development priority as far as the discord api goes. It is quite simple to make a server for you and your small community of friends, peers, or coworkers. Doing so allows for full customization including access to bot applications. So while I do not think that it would do any harm, I also do not see a legitimate need for this.

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  • MilSci

    Yeah I see exactly what you mean, but sometimes you will have several groups of people you play with, and to put them all into one mutual server might be weird. While, yes, you can edit and manage that server to keep the 5 groups separate or together, it is easier to add a bot to your group chats you already have with your friends. Servers, in my opinion, should only be made if you can't use a group chat as a function, because 10 people is the max. To have a server of only 5 people you friends with to have the bot might be a waste of a server space.

    I do agree with you though this is something smaller, and is not a top priority in the API, but it is always something to consider for the far future. Thanks for your feedback btw

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