"Emoji Only" Server mode for Nitro users


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  • shiny

    Yes. I would also like to add that if you were in mostly emoji servers, they shouldn’t count towards your total server count. Like say your in 10 normal servers, and 87 emoji servers, that 87 shouldn’t count towards your total 100.

  • whamer100

    poespas I know it doesnt use more websockets on the client, im talking about the server-side load, as this is why they currently cannot increase the amount of servers you can join. This idea could allow for users to be in servers without having any of the actual server messages being sent for the servers.

    Also i wouldnt say its far-fetched at all to be in that many emoji servers. I mean, its pretty much what I do, and its also the main reason im unable to join any more servers. Sure, i could just leave them, but wheres the fun in that?

  • whamer100

    Just updated the original message for clarity on the intent of the idea.


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