Please for the love of god stay away from the NFT trashfire


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  • thislittlelog (FR Artemis01)

    Second this motion right here. NFTs are not only bad for the environment, they're bad for artists and even worse for business

  • Terra

    The poll they sent out recently doesn't even really allow for a negative opinion on NFTs to be expressed, the gradient goes from "what's an NFT" ignorance to higher degrees of thinking they're cooler

    The poll is pictured here:

    There is no "I know enough to know that I'll drop Discord if they get official support" option

  • Hat

    Thirding this (or fourthing, if someone posts before me). If that screenshot of the survey people have been receiving is true, it's incredibly transparent that they aren't open for even the notion of negative community feedback on the subject. If they made it an option, they would see very clearly how many aren't just uninterested, but reject it to the point of quitting the platform at the first sign of an alternative.

    Whoever is being fed this poison pill should be made aware that the hype is incentivized not by community endorsement, but by monetary incentive to bait in victims. It is a ponzi scheme, where the few reported instances of mega-profit drown out the massive outcry of profit loss, scams, and straight up theft that it enables and, indeed, is built on.

    This, all in addition to the ludicrously energy-wasteful technology it's built on. For self proclaimed tech nerds, it's frankly embarrassing that they believe for a second the technology is innovative and not tremendously useless compared to existing alternatives. The fact so many people use it and hype up its future improvement (as they have for a decade now, fruitlessly) does not preclude this fact, nor does any financial end justify the means.

  • mxcaronii

    I VOUCH THIS because i swear i am going to curse this site with every single atom of my body the moment i find out nfts are actually supported.

    as a digital artist, NFTs are the equivalent to spitting on my grave. as a human, however, NFTs are the equivalent to setting my entire house on fire.

    unfortunately, as much as it will make me wake up in seething rage every day, i have to use your application for school. have mercy on us.

    edit: i have canceled my nitro subscription LOL (only slightly annoyed that this happened the first time i bought it, but i am significantly more pissed about the general situation)

    edit 2: do not use guilded, roblox owns it and apparently roblox supports NFTs too (sorry i keep editing this btw)

  • Mo the Half

    Agreed, as a digital artist I won't be making any further animated emotes or stickers for the discord servers I am in if Discord begins to support NFT foolery. NFTs have simply done more harm than good, in many ways. I have ended my discord nitro, hoping Discord will see that more will unsubscribe as well if they support money laundering, art thieving, and environmentally damaging systems.

  • Acer3752

    NFTs are horrible for the environment, artists, and everyday people and only serve the ultra-wealthy. Don’t put this crap on Discord. And don’t put a crappy, yes-man poll where our best option is ignorance as opposed to opposition.

  • allegedgoblins

    Discord, please be better than this. Please be better than supporting something that is actively destroying the environment and straining electric grids to the point of blackouts. I don't want to move, but if you go forward with this my servers will move to Guilded.

  • Kain

    I been a supporter of Discord for a long time. I'm super against you guys doing anything with NFTs.
    Keep away from that guys. I'll have to cut my support if you do.

  • Soulshield

    I love how they send out that survey after it's announced that the IRS can arrest you if you don't disclose info if the sale is above a certain number of money.

    really shows you how well their Legal team is.

    and how well their team is too considering there's not even a "yes i know them and don't support them" option

  • CaPEM

    NFTs are a bare-faced carnie scam I want no part of

  • Fallendemon13

    PLEASE do not support NFTs. I recognize the desire to jump onto the next newest technology, and I recognize how game changing the Block Chain tech is, but it's important that we, as a global community, do not support a direction of technology just because it's new. We all need to pay attention to the future ramifications of all tech progress, else it'll have effects on everyone felt for years and decades to come. NFTs are just such one of these shiny new technologies that have dangerous and often ignored consequences on the wider world.

  • Xeans

    I like discord, but NFTs are just a trend and a scam, nothing more than a way to launder money or create scarcity where none exists.

    It's a stupid feature to add and will only encourage people to look for other solutions.

  • l_j_m_s_n

    Please do not pursue this, you’ll lose a lot of users. The wording of the survey alone is pretty insulting.

  • Butter

    I really dont to leave discord either but I will if they do this.

  • SofiaTG

    At least see how many people you would lose by doing this, but the survey not allowing contrary opinions shows pretty well that whoever is pushing this is afraid that the rest of the company knows how many people are against NFTs

  • traceExcalibur

    Agreed. At best, Discord's admins are ignorant to the many flaws NFTs have, and at worst they are knowingly pushing a scam on their users for the sake of profit. The environmental and ethical issues are well known, so to speak to the profit motive: NFT integration will only result in Discord gaining a reputation as a place for scammers and money launderers to do their business. Whatever short-term profit is to be gained by it will be eclipsed by the long-term consequences. It will not be worth it.

  • Chirasul

    If Discord embraces NFTs in any capacity, I will immediately cancel my Discord Nitro and encourage the communities I moderate to do the same. NFTs, and cryptocurrency, in practice are nothing more than schemes for getting rich quick or money-laundering, and their exchange demands environmental destruction and exploitation of the poor and desperate, all while being easily manipulated by the wealthy with no oversight or regulation.

  • C&Nareus

    Discord has been my favorite platform to socialize and share art for a few years now. I will NOT tolerate you getting into NFTs. As an artist, the whole NFT scheme is dangerous for artists, buyers, the environment (read up on how the technology takes a ton of energy to run that it's detrimental), and this scam will eventually crash. It's only a matter of time before something gives and anyone involved is going to get hurt. To me and many artists I know, anyone involved with NFTs have a stain on their name and I avoid them all. Discord has no business being in NFTs.

  • preshtagonist

    I would cancel and refuse to renew my nitro if NFTs became a thing on Discord. Hell, I’d go so far as to stop using Discord and go back to Skype or some shit if I have to. If you care about your userbase or the environment at all, you won’t buy into NFTs.

  • Airazel

    I have already deleted my account from many sites that started to buy into NFTs, and I've even stopped using Merriem-Webster for the same. If I hear word of any involvement with NFTs on Discord's part, I will immediately cancel my Nitro, encourage everyone I know to do the same, and begin the search for another platform—however difficult that may be. I will not be complicit to something like this, and I very much hope Discord does not go down this path. There are plenty of people in this thread who have stated the reasons why NFTs should be avoided, and many more are out there. At the very least, make an official statemeny and remove the uncertainty.

  • Sir Pawsies

    With how problematic NFTs have been between violations of copyright, being built on false premises of establishing ownership and a considerably high ammount of Exit Scams, I think they should at least be reasonable enough not to actually jump into this at all


    But hey, if they do, I will ditch this for skype or teamspeak, whichever makes their old slogan hurt more

  • SnarkyLamassu

    This is both exhausting and disappointing. Just because other companies are doing it (and trust me, we are equally disappointed in them too), doesn't mean you have to as well. I'm well and truly sick of techbros jumping off the cliff like lemmings at every shiny re-skinned pyramid scheme because someone on the internet told them it was a cool moneyspinner. Except in this case, it's not a harmless get rich quick scheme that affects only you if you succeed or fail at it, you're dragging all the rest of us into it because it's our art being stolen, and our planet being affected by cryptocurrency mining during an environmental crisis.

    Think - really *think* if those are things you really want your brand to be associated with.

  • Cygnus

    I will also cancel my Nitro in the event that you add any form of official NFT support, and look into alternative services for keeping up with and gaming with friends.

    On the other hand, if you announce that you will not be engaging with NFTs, I will finally upgrade from Nitro Classic and upgrade to the new default Nitro.

    The choice is yours, and yours alone.

    To try to speak morally, NFTs in their current state are nothing but harmful. They guzzle energy like nothing before for little real benefit, to the point that a single mint can be equivalent to a family's electricity use in a single year; they enable art theft, as many popular artists can attest to, with no real legal recourse for them to get the money they are owed for the sale of their art by art thieves; and enable scam-artists, with some NFT buyers having lost as much as half a million dollars from investing in a scam NFT.

    The technology admittedly has potential, but is too young to adopt beyond experimental use. Until the environmental, artist right, and scam-related issues are addressed, it should not be widely adopted, including by you. Please take the right stance on this and avoid NFTs.

  • bookwormywriter

    NFTs are useless, bad for the company, bad for the world, they're just another pyramid money laundering scheme.  I won't be getting Nitro anytime soon if this keeps up.

  • MonochromeJones

    I will cancel my nitro if discord engages in NFT's

  • ChocoMingo

    I vouch this as well. NFTs are completely useless when it comes to real world value, environmental concerns aside. You can't eat it, you can't wear it, you can't play with it as a toy, you can't use it to buy groceries or any products in real life, none of that. All of it is at the end of the day, is just a bunch of random letters and numbers.

    I've been thinking about getting Nitro, and while I wish the survey is just a psyop from some random person to scare people for clicks, if Discord goes along with this, I'm gonna have second thoughts on getting Nitro. Please reconsider going along with this

  • shadrad


    I cannot reiterate how much this needs to not happen. This is some captain planet level villainy nonsense and y'all just walking right on board? PLEASE.

  • 🦇uruhara35🦇

    I will leave your platform if you indulge in NFT’s.

  • Nathanaël (he/him)

    I will add my voice against NFTs, they bring nothing good, stay away from them.

  • Piski

    :( you hate to see it


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