Support login implies it is your discord account but not the same password


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  • Lucas47

    I don't understand very well, but if you have an account registered with your email and you can't log in, just reset your password

  • elwadelmaghror

    بعمل كده بيقولي خطا

  • Yomo42

    I'm here because I had this problem exactly and had to google it. They should fix this by simply adding something that said "different password than your Discord account"
    The password reset email I got even said "reset your DISCORD account password" but that was a lie, it was for this zendesk account.

  • Nived K S

    Had the same issue. I even thought I was hacked somehow. It should be mentioned clearly, if the credentials are different.

  • Grizzly Bear

    Same thing. There is no discernable difference between the logins. Im very surprised this isnt more documented. Creating accounts and logging in are fairly complex for some reason

  • 搞个大新闻

    Same here. I just reset the password for my account of this feedback site. I also noticed the name and email address was non-changeable, “The name, profile photo, phone, and email are set automatically. You can't change them here.”

    But I have changed my discord name for a long time. It looks like that it will not update user info, just grabbed the data when the first time users wanted to send a feedback.

  • ntcue

    This is really weird.

    It should be made clear.


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