push notifications not sent on android Respondida
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iOS Spotify, Apple Music
78 votos 21 comentários
Spotify/Discord on mobile
170 votos 21 comentários
Android Embed Copy-Cooldown for the fields
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Channel and Category Name in Mobile Push Notifications Respondida
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Disable image compression Concluída
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Mobile Push Notifications past 2500 members
262 votos 18 comentários
Allow us to select multiple images at once when uploading
114 votos 18 comentários
Add Discord (& beta) to Huawei AppGallery
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Discord not working on my phone!!!
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Streaming your screen on iOS and Android
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Custom Status for Mobile Users Concluída
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early supporter badge for the people who do not have nitro
-41 votos 17 comentários
Push notifications for large servers on channel by channel bases.
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Discord notification for voice chat Concluída
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Custom Status not displaying/showing
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New Mobile UI
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Allow 0 minute setting for "Push Notification AFK timeout"
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Scanning a code to join a server
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Oyun etkinliği
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Наушники и звук
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An option to toggle the dragging and dropping of server lists Concluída
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Please make it harder to delete individual posts on mobile Concluída
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GIF Autoplay Toggle on Android
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Disabling discord calls completely on iPhone when app is off or add button
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iOS app icon red dot notification for mobile
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Access webhooks on mobile
129 votos 13 comentários
Name colors in Voice Chat
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Feature Request: Auto play animated gifs on mobile.
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Add custom emoji on IOS/Android Concluída
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