Please add 'sound effects disabling functions' just like PC version for mobile users
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activities on discord mobile
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The option to switch between internal storage and SD card
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Show send button Animation too slow on Android new UI.
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Compatibility with the device
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Discord mobile chat jumps back up to old messages whenever a new message is sent
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AMOLED for iOS users
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Let us receive push notifications on mobile while logged into a desktop client
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Getting The "Playing A Game" Feature On Mobile
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as mensagens dos bots não estão carregando, aparece só o nome deles.
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Let us share files
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Add SMS Verification to mobile IOS app.
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[TestFlight] Please add toggle for multiple attachments to display inline and not as preview panes
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Spotify/Discord on mobile
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Server Discovery Update
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no me deja entrar a mi cuenta
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Server emoji can't be used because it belongs to "another server"
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Make banner (non-nitro) smaller
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This phone number was recently used on the different account
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Viewing Videos on Mobile
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Muted channels sometimes still push notifications
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Meu número de telefone não esta indo
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Consolidate notifications [Android]
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Favorite Gifs for Mobile
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Embedded mp3 support on mobile
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MP4s not downloading correctly on Android 12
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36 votos 22 comentários
Manage Accounts on iOS & Android Mobile
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