Explore Public Servers on Mobile
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Daily mute schedule
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Ter a opção "atividade de jogos" na versão mobile
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sound sliders
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Favorite Gifs for Mobile
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Android Server Emojis not working
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True Italics on Android and Desktop
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Favourite gifs on mobile
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Android Embed Copy-Cooldown for the fields
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I can't link a phone number
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Name search
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Showing Spotify status for iOS
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quick view for voicechats
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iPad Magic Keyboard causes chat to break
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I want to verify my account with phone number but I don't receive the message
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iOS Spotify, Apple Music
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Changes in resolution and frames per second in live broadcasts on the phone
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Video fast forward/skip
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Adımı değiștirmek istiyorum fakat parolamı unuttumne yapabilirim
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Fix web UI on mobile
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server that doesn't receive notification if there are more than 2,500 people
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Option to Disable Automatic Scrolling to Newest Message on Mobile
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Landscape Mode
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[Suggestion] Add channel sync with category
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New Mobile Update
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Discord is a data consumer in a short period of time
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System-wide push notifications when logged in on more than one device
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Text entry box disappears when using keyboard on ipad
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Discord Mobile No Longer Can Select Gallery App
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I can't use my phone number
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