why does discord keep solving my appeals with no response?
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Worst customer service I ever experienced.
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User's accounts are getting disabled for no genuine reason, including me.
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Disabled Account
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Discord banned my account for 2 years for false reasons
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Discord disabled my discord account and suspended my support account.
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Partner and Developer badge
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Report pedophile
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Account falsely disabled for being "underaged" (SECOND TIME)
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Can we have a feature for memorialize an account
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Cannot login Discord when using the University VPN is I must use to work
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BingX Referral Code TXXS5I - What are the benefits of using a referral on BingX?
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Second disabled account
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Dhan Referral Code 2024 - BYNYL70861 | Rs.500 Signup Bonus, Free Demat Account & Much More
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I am Locked out of my Account because of 2FA and Discord Support not doing Anything
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How Discord can stop token loggers.
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Cannot login Discord (www.discord.com) when using the University VPN which is a must to work
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Discord for Business I believe is possible
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role permissions
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Paul Andreas Victor Engblom
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Server owner passed away, no support reply for over a month
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I got hacked
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Active developer badge
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My account was disabled for being underage
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