Apply verification level to users with roles / Improve anti-bot protection
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Stolen account, waiting for over 1 month on support, what is going on?
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Demande de réactivation de mon compte
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limited account
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My account no reason has disabled
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My account get disabled suddenly.
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fasley disabled for being underage
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server ownership transfer
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how to fix a disabled Account
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Blocked users can still see my profile through mutual servers
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Make blocked users be blocked.
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How can I Sing in to my account when my phone got robbed
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I lost my account
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Remove rate limit for Emoji uploads
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Discord support hasn't responded in 17 days now about disabled account.
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Still Waiting On Discord
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My account was disabled and I was not given a valid reason, even after sending an email.
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2FA Codes not working
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My poor current discord experience! (Dox'd and then Banned!)
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I got banned for no reason
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Adding friends to a Discord group (Discord grubuna arkadaş ekleme)
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Lost Mobile Phone and Discord 2FA Woes: Account Recovery Challenge
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Feature Request: Server-Side DM Settings
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Prune rights overhaul
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Sign in with Google
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Reset password or forgot password option inside the login
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