Leave more than one server at once
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Server profiles list - indicate which profiles in the list have overrides
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Role Dividers
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Documentation of my experience with a hijacked account [SOLVED]
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Мне отключили учётную запись
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someone hacked my account
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How long does it take for Discord support to reply within a ticket?
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Cannot Login to support.discord.com on Firefox
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Support login implies it is your discord account but not the same password
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Please support Google Voice
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Account disabled
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Why is Discord support so bad?
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After 53 days, I FINALLY got my account back. Discord finally responded.
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I got hacked by trusting a friend and a fake moderator.
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Account got disable for no reason...
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Send appeal, still no answer (#42119555) (it was 13-14 days already)
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If you have had your account banned, it will not be unbanned
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What happens to deleted account's e-mails?
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Hacked Account - My Journey so far
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Almost 5 months, and bots constantly closing my tickets, I got my hacked account back
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Demande de réactivation de mon compte
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Question about violations
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Discord T&S Experience - Read if your account was disabled.
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I see a lot of accounts being disabled recently!!
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Account Scammed + Hacked
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Помогите решить проблему с коронкой
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Accout got hacked
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