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  • Vas comentou,

    Yea, imagine you're talking to someone important and suddenly the servers go down like they did today and you think that person blocked you. Or even the above where the boyfriend thinks that he was...

  • Vas comentou,

    Shadow_Hunter; I love how your first reply is so downvoted its made you look very unpopular. I also downvoted, because this is definitely Discord Team's fault. Its their job to protect people from ...

  • Vas criou uma publicação,

    Clyde Rejected Message Reason Change

    Please change Clyde's rejected message reasons so that it is more clear why a message failed to go through, rather than some bulk error that covers everything. Someone tried to message me in discor...

  • Vas comentou,

    Seems clear to me that Discord isn't planning to make this feature, they'll just keep forcing people to do some convoluted method of spoilering images from phones. Possibly they just assume that no...