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  • Ben. criou uma publicação,

    Launch in safe mode

    The same applies for desktop, but Discord needs to have a way for you to launch without anything problematic being loaded. This includes your last position on discord (what channel or server) or yo...

  • Ben. comentou,

    Hi, if you're having an issue with starting discord, try this troubleshooting guide:  If you need addition...

  • Ben. criou uma publicação,

    Protection from spoopy links

    Add the desktop feature where it asks you before visiting a website to the mobile app.   —   If you have TestFlight - update to 17811.

  • Ben. criou uma publicação,

    Player list badge

    For boosted servers, allow them to upload maybe 3 badges and give them to certain people or certain people with a role. E.g. symbols for who has power within the server or who has the premium pack...