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    Discord is also great for people who don't want to spend too much time looking into permissions and how they work. Perhaps an owner toggle to opt-in to this system would also be great. That way, if...

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    Member list size

    A new update brought the members list inline with iOS. I like the new layout as it's much clearer and easier to use, especially for new members, but it's too wide! It covers basically 90% if my scr...

  • Greenfoot5 criou uma publicação,

    New tabs UI

    I like the cleanliness of the new UI at the bottom. It also means it's much clearer to everyone about the recent mentions and searching and I feel it will make my life easier as a moderator. Howeve...

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    If you're having problems, contact support.

  • Greenfoot5 comentou,

    According to reddit, they are sorting out the kinks with windows first before adding mac support.

  • Greenfoot5 comentou,

    It's now coming up to 3 months since the launch of the store? Yet still no word on Mac or Linux support? When the store was first launched, it was mentioned that it's "coming" and yet... nothing. F...